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Turntable lamp suggestions?
Without doubt the Littlites are the best. I've been using them for various applications over the years. Not exactly cheap.I use the model with the built-in rheostat for dimming. Suggestion, don't keep light on after use. I find that the halogen bu... 
Is it questionable to buy new popular music on LP?
I agree with Emailists. Magic has probably got to be the WORST modern day recording that I have on vinyl. Hollow, compressed, smeared and absolutely lifeless. Definitely targeted at the NO-FI Generation. I too, wonder whether performers actually h... 
Break in period for albums.?
I have noted that the particular mood that I am in significantly effects how and what I hear in music, however, other factors like ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and air ionisation can have profound effects on one's involvement... 
Isolation and Monster Power conditioner
I was picking up fan noise from my UPS at extremely high volume levels listening to low music passages and isolated the UPS by getting it off the floor.I agree, as the previosu poster said, there is NO difference in sound, however, where I live we... 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
For members in AU or NZ, topbuy.com.au sells a handheld steamer like what has been discussed in this thread:http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/1000W-Multi-function-Steam-Cleaner-185p756.htmI have absolutely NO affiliation with this company.Regards... 
Hooverphonic anyone?
Hello...After a few months of searching, I decided to bite the bullet and buy U.F. Orb - 2 discs, re-mastered from CD Universe. Looking forward to Blue Room 40 minute mix.CD with a few others arrived today.There is no doubt in my mind that this is... 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" by J. J. Cale or Jeff Buckley or the original 15 verse composition by Cohen himself which I heard hom perform once. 
Two terms I don't understand - please explain
Thanks PPL. Interesting answers. So, slam would be the "attack" of the notes or drumbeats and prat would be how closely the music adheres to timing, ie. 4:4, 3:4 time, etc.? Regards,Jan 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
Not having the funds for an RCM, I grab a bath towel, put it on the kitchen counter, place the record on the towel, spray on then paint the cleaning solution over the entire record, wait a minute or so and then steam/wipe, steam/wipe and then one ... 
Hooverphonic anyone?
I've just heard some material by Kinobe from their Soundphiles album. Brilliant! 
Hooverphonic anyone?
Synthfreek,You are gonna blow my rent for the next 2 months...Jan 
Hooverphonic anyone?
MORE Trip-Hop suggestions, PLEASE!The more I listen to this genre, the more I want! It reminds my of the Story-Rock daze of the late-70's.Regards,Jan 
Hooverphonic anyone?
Thanks for the info Synthfreek,Just bought "Beyond the Ultraworld" import new on eBay. There is an amazing difference in price ($22.00) between CD Universe, Amazon and eBay sellers. 10 daze to AU.Regards,Jan 
Hooverphonic anyone?
Hi Starsandseas...What is their discography and what IYO is their best recording?Thanks and regards,Jan 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
On the topic of enzymes and steaming, how about using a highly diluted enzyme laundry detergent?It seems to me the a solution of laundry detergent and "good" water would provide both a surfactant and cleansing agent. All rinsed away with steaming ...