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Which component to upgrade to improve bass control?
I second the idea of speaker isolation feet. I did that recently and it does indeed work. I hear more clarity and less boom.  
Which component to upgrade to improve bass control?
A Hegel h390 has terrific bass control. Damping factor of 4000.  
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
Add a Luxman c-03x cd player. It has an excellent DAC. You should see a big improvement. 
Also, up until the 992, GTS also came with the wide body, whereas the Carrera S did not. So it was more than merely a souped up Carrera S.  
Fyi the x50 package went with older turbos and not the GTS.  
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
Superb amp. I'm running an h95 in my bedroom system and it is outstanding. So the 390 is going to be a beast. I agree with the group, speakers are a matter of taste. However that amp will drive just about anything.  
Does port location make a significant difference with regard to speaker placement?
Agree that rear ported speakers need to be well away from the wall. Front port speakers can be much closer. Case in point, I just picked up a set of JBL L82 speakers and they have front ports and sound fantastic at 6 inches away from the back wall. 
New cables - To judge now or after burn in period?
Switch back to the old cables after awhile. See if they sound as dynamic as you remember them to be.  
replace Mcintosh with Luxman
I like the look of Mc but I prefer the Luxman sound. Superior build quality in the Lux. I have a 509x integrated and it is phenomenal.  Your proposed rig is a big step up from my gear. It should be stellar. Do it. 
Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2
I got a chance to listen to the Dyn Confidence 30 and the Sopra 2 today as driven by Luxman gear. I walked away very impressed with the Dyns. The Sopras are definitely brighter and more energetic,  but to my ear, the Dyns produced a more realistic... 
Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2
Why have the Sopras jumped so precipitously in price?! I may just have to limp along with my 60i Dyns awhile longer. (Actually they are a fabulous speaker. I was listening to Lady Gaga last night a big volumes and the 60i were superb). Maybe I nee... 
Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2
DMK, at low volume levels they are not dynamic. I don't always want to crank the volume. I also think they are a little bass bias with those massive 9.5 inch drivers.  I think the main reason I am thinking of switching however is upgrade-itis. It ... 
Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2
Thanks for the detailed response, verdantaudio. The problem I always run into is that the gear sounds different in the store compared to home. Those Magico A5s look good too. 
Sopra 2 Bass
I really enjoyed this string. I too am a newbie and love this hi-fi journey.iizjjzi, I hope you are having fun. I'm considering the focal Sopra N2 as well, but after this string I think I'll hang on to my Dyn 60i contours. They aren't quite your N... 
When Everything Comes Together
Drinking invariably improves my listening sessions. Everything sounds better when I'm spinning a good cabernet in a nice glass. ;)