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Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations
I agree with your statement between Luxman and Accuphase. Unfortunately a newer vintage Accuphase is a bit out of my reach (budget wise).  
Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations
Thank you all so very much for the advise and the kind comments. I am going to do some additional research on some of the recommended amps, but I am leaning towards the Luxman L-505uXII. If I decide on the Luxman are there any concerns about impor... 
New Cary DMS 700
I am about 220 hours in on my new 700. At 200 hours I noticed another layer of resolution, depth and clarity opening up. The one thing I have realized as a major difference between the 550 vs 700 is on lesser quality recoding's, not the digital re... 
New Cary DMS 700
Wow you bit the bullet and did the upgrade - congratulations! It will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the 600. Yes - the SD card is my best sounding source. I keep my highest resolution material (128/256 DSD and 192... 
New Cary DMS 700
I upgraded from the DMS-550 and I am about 140 hours on my new DMS-700 (ran the first 100 hours on a repetitive PSAudio burn-in CD). Daryl at Cary Audio has been awesome to work with. I have the DMS-700 connected to a T+A PA3000HV integrated amp w... 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
Take a look at a few years old T+A PA3000HV. a bit of patience you should be able to land one for about $6k. Original MSRP was ~17K.   
Audiophile AC Outlets
Here are some that are on the market:Pangea Audio Premier AC Outlet - $29.00PS Audio Power Port Classic AC Receptacle - $49.00 Cardas Duplex Power Outlet - $135.00Wattgate 381 AU TR Audio Grade Receptacle - $148.00AudioQuest NRG Edison 20 - $179.0... 
Why is black so popular for components?
Black is the second most popular color in automobiles. Second only to white by a very thin margin. White  23.9%, followed by black, at 23.2%. Next is gray and silver at 15.5% and 14.5%. My T+A HV gear is champagne a beautiful color - but all my ot... 
Looking for a new integrated amp
If you could stretch yourself a bit. I would take a look at the Cary Audio SI-300.2D integrated. You can leverage their zero interest program - plus test it in your system with a 30 day trial. 
Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10
Great feedback. Thank you.  
Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10
Benzman -  What was the sound signature difference between the DMS-600 and Lumin T2? I was trying to get a DMS-600, but it's discontinued. The DMS-700 was suppose to be released in early 2022 but with the AKM factory fire all AKM based manufacture... 
Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10
Thank you for the feedback. I have always admired the L-507uxii - a beautiful elegant integrated and I love UV meters and tonal controls! One of my concerns with the DMS-550 has been the Cary Audio software. I had heard that it’s functional but no... 
best streamer for Amazon Music HD
For a standalone streamer the Cocktail Audio line supports direct streaming of Amazon HD/UHD music.  
Power Amplifier Longevity
It's all about the cap's . The cap's will dry-out, in older equipment 20 -25 years old you can bet they cap's are dried-out. Find and old school repair guy in your area - recapping the amp and you will be in-great shape.  
Why the facination with integrated amps?
Audiotroy - My system configuration is: ·       T+A PV3000HV Integrated ·       T+A MP3000HV Multi Source Player ·       Bryston BDP-3 Digital Music Player w/ Samsung 860 PRO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD ·       Music Hall MMF-9.1 Tu...