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What are XLR inputs??
XLR inputs are balanced inputs. Here is the techie version (I am sure that I will be corrected if I am wrong.)For each channel, say the "left" channel, balanced amps and preamps have separate sections to amplify the positive half of the signal and... 
Hum and Hiss from Sonic Frontier Preamp
It is my understanding that the SF Preamps use a solid state op-amp type headphone amplifier made by Headroom See This is a feature of the SF preamps (see their web site) as Headroom is known ... 
Any feedback on BAT VK200
I have got one, what do you want to know?In my system, it has authority at loud and soft volume but it can play very loud (for 100 watts), has excellent control of the bass drivers, the treble is extended, sounds a tad warm (but I have a tube prea... 
I'm very upset. Let me tell you why.
The problem is that the practice you are complaining about is relatively standard in car audio. The manufacturers make interfaces and connectors that do not conform to any standards. This is done on purpose, the wacky connector can therefore only ... 
Recommendations- Tuner/Preamp w/ pwrCkt
Alruhl, I am interested in the Halfer (but have not got around to signing up for Audiogon membership), can you email me with your email address, or the address of the person who has the 945? 
Recommendations- Tuner/Preamp w/ pwrCkt
Thanks for the suggestion. Those are great ideas, however, is there anything a little better than the standard Adcom/B&K/Rotel/Luxman/Parasound? If not, I may go with the Adcom. Any high end designs?