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What is your favorite album cover?
Roger Waters The pros and cons of hitchhiking 
Pass Labs
BHK Signature 300 Mono Amplifiers are just as good, They handle the IRS Betas Woofer towers with ease 
Pass Labs
Wilson New Speaker Master Chronosonic
A few people will buy them. 6 months later there be on Audiogon for sale 
Infinity IRS Betas
Infinity IRS Betas
Before Ebay started there was another web site .The Betas went real cheap $3000. to $4000.Also Stereo Exchange NY had A pair of Betas on display in the window $6000 mint.The sellers on Ebay buy them cheap than jack the price up 
Infinity IRS Betas
I found A used pair at Lyric Hi-Fi years ago $4.500  near mint 
Infinity IRS Betas
There are 4 listed on ebay 4/18/17 
Wife trouble
Years Ago I found A pair of IRS Betas in New York I have not seen wife since than 
Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars
Infinity IRS Betas still one of the great speakers ever made. I found A used pair at lyric hi-fi years ago $4.500 
Apogee Diva's or Infinity IRS Beta's?
Infinity IRS Betaword which best describes the Infinity Betas is "fantastic". These speakers have to do more construction to prop up one's hair standing than any other system. I have goosebumps recordings with accordion and harmonica solos, whic... 
Roy Allison
The Allison Ones  One of few speakers that could handle Telarc 1812 cannon shots with ease 
Roy Allison
I still have A pair of Allison Ones BI-Amp ones for my second system.Back in the 80s I called Allison Acoustics and to my surprise Roy himself took the callThe years I had the Infinity IRS Betas. And called infinity Mr Nudell never took callRIP ...