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Subwoofer Power Cord Suggestions
I may take the suggestion to use the VH flavor 4. Which termination is recomended. Is there a benifit in the more expensive terminations for a subwoofer application. 
Shortlist of best cartridges with VPI
I am considering a cartridge upgrade for use in the Hadcock 242, which should be compatible with the same types of cartridges as the JMW 9. I have read favorable reviews of the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. Can any one tell me the performance differec... 
Herbie's Mini Grunge Buster
Thank you for your posts on the Grunge Buster. Based on your results, I bought one and find the same improvements. Has anyone compaired the Grunge Buster to either of the Marigo mats. 
What is your favorite Mod for the EAR 834P
Thank you for your advice about changing out caps, risistors and the 2 diodes. I hope you don't mind a rather specific question. I have the schematic and, since I don't have the necessay skills, plan to have the work done locally. I will have to g... 
E.A.R. 834P
I found using a black diamond racing cone and 2 zorbathane pucks on top helped alot. I also use Mapel Shade brass footers underneath 
The best mid priced Grado In your opinion?
I am using an old Grado Signiture 8M with a Prestige Gold replacement stylus. It benifits greatly from the Cartridge Man Isolator. I like it better than my Reference Sonata. 
Need help with Sumiko MMT tonearm
I think an old Sterophile review of the MMT listed it at 14 grams. However, I used it with a Grado Sanata and the resonant base frequencey was in the 10 to 12 cycle range. So the real mass my be closer to 12 grams 
Which Tone Arm for Oracle Delphi + Grado Ref?
I have had good luck with a Grado Sonata and a Hadcock 242 
Grado Statement with EAR 834P
MI6707,Thanks for the suggestion. I have read that some unipivot arms can have difficulty with low compliance cartridges. Do you know if Shelter 501 MKII would be compatible with a Hadcock 242. 
Grado Reference vs Benz Glider and H2
Kel34, I am using a Hadcock with a Grado Sonata on a Merrill/AR and they work well together.