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Looking for a CD-R to transfer vinly to CD
Thanks for the Tascam rec as well as the info on CD-R life.There is a recent article in PC World on recordable CD lifespan, with a link to a source for "archive quality" discs at:http://msn.pcworld.com/howto/article/0,aid,120833,00.asp 
Telefunken console stereo
These are great radios. But while the table models have a strong following, the consoles due to the room they take up and the expense of shipping, are generally less desirable. German tube radios from the 50's and 60's are heavily traded on eBay. ... 
Integrated Amp for Vandersteens
I've owned both 2CE's and 3A's but never paired them with solid state. They do match well with Quicksilver though and the Quicksilver "mini-mono's" would drive the 2CEs. Another very good match is AES mono blocks using 845's. They produce 22 singe...