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Vincent Audio SV-500 Arriving Today
I have the Rotel RA-1572, a Cambridge 851A and a Sim Audio 340i DPX an older version. The Sim is more 'audiophile' sounding for lack of better designation with more detail. I listen to music low to medium levels. For me the Rotel is the warmest, y... 
CD Transports
Give the Audiolab some clean recording like Communique or Neil Young. It rewards! 
CD Transports
Audiolab CDT 6000 breaking in nice. Very neutral. A bit soft. Very laid back in my modest system. 
Do you like your speakers aimed directly at each ear or....
Depends on room and EARS. I have found the 1 or 2 inches can and does make a difference. 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
The Wyred is pretty laid back. Good or bad. 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
"I’m fond of my Wyred 4 Sound DAC." Me Too! V2 
Cambridge Audio Azur 651C vs Azur 851C
For me the 851C was superb in revealing system, but I really like the 651C in my second system. The 851C is a bit more analytical, the 651C a bit smoother.  
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
I have used Audioquest Type 4 for years. I did try Audioquest type 8 not sure there was a difference. The type 4 work well for me. Never tried Kimber. Have thought about it but why for what the AQ is giving me.  
CD Transports
Breaking in an Audiolab 6000cdt now. Only at about 30 hours. I like it. I have a Wyred DAC-2 to perform conversion. I like this combo. The 6000cdt seems very neutral. 
Another sad tale, hopefully Ian can make plans and peace with the world
"As long as he social distances"  What? How is this related? 
Favorite Lyricists?
Joni. Been my go to for weeks, months. 
Who's bought a piece of gear only
Love vintage looks. 
Hitting the Sweet Spot In My System
Silver coated copper works here. Running some DH Labs Silver Sonics BL-1 interconnects (silver coated copper) off my Cambridge 751 BD into a Rotel RA 1572 into a pair of the respectful Paradigm Studio 20 v.4 monitors. Not bright whatsoever. Musica... 
Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Strata, Integrated Amp/DAC/streamer?
Looks like available in UK. See Premium Sound UK. In stock.  
What's up with TMR Audio?
Somebody's home. Just listed...Infinity Intermezzo C.M.M.D. 12" Woofer; CMMD; 4.1t; Mid Bass Driver (2/2) (16224)