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Gryphon Diablo 250 vs Hegel390
@thieliste makes me laugh. What planet are these people on? Only two possibilities...1) yes the Lear jet is waiting. 2) very, very limited range of interests in life.That’s it.  
IsoAcoustic Gaia III with Focal Sopra 2
I just fitted Gaia 111's to my Kudos Super 20's.  The installation could not have been easier, replacing the high quality spikes originally supplied with the speakers.For a total cost of $400, this is easily the best value upgrade in sound quality... 
Looking for a sub $2K integrated to pair with the Focal Aria 936 or 906.
Belles Aria.  Even the name matches your speakers . 
Anyone notice that Creek Audio has discontinued all affordable products?
My first ever 'audiophile' amplifier was a Creek 4040, fed by an LP12 and powering Mission MS20 speakers.  Fond memories. 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
@cd318 thanks for your sympathetic words.  You're correct that these expensive components are extremely vulnerable on my particular speakers.  Tiny protective grills for the tweeters would be helpful.  After my expensive accident, I've taken to us... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Last year I moved house.  For months after the move I couldn't understand why my sound quality was apparently worse than before.  I blamed the acoustics of my new room.  Only when doing some REW testing did it come to light that both my Seas tweet... 
Anybody want a laugh?
After 6 months of thinking about it and reading both sides of the debate, I decided to take the plunge and received my Etherregen yesterday. My philosophy about these things...if I need to ’blind test’ or switch the product in and out of my system... 
Inexpensive DAC: Schiit Modi 3 or Topping D30
I had a Topping D90 - which gets fantastic test measurements and uses the latest AK4499 chip. However I didn’t like the sound in my system so I sent it back. I suspect the Modi 3 will sound nicer than the Topping E30, whatever chip they are using,... 
Audioquest thunder vs tornado HC powercords
I have a Hurricane, Tornado and Blizzard.  Tornado is probably the sweet spot in my experience.  
Audioquest Robin Hood Zero
Stepped up to Robin Hoods from GO-4's last year - admittedly a wider jump than the OP is considering - but this was one of the most instantly, clearly audible upgrades I've ever made to my system. I was literally laughing at the difference.  Highl... 
Roon Upsampling - DSD vs. PCM
DSD takes LOTS of extra CPU - that's for sure.  Especially >256, which is where the sound quality improvements really kick in. 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@ teajay as long as you choose to post your comments on public social media forums you can expect some reactions.  Not all them will be positive - you'll have to get over that.  This is not your private notice board. As mentioned, Audiogon is inun... 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
Oh, and by the way, I've never bought a Lab12 -  I just didn't appreciate that this 5 year old dac was being represented as a new product.   
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@ronrags, here's' the issue:  social media has created an entirely new profession (often part-time) for people at home to test and review products.  Examples include mommy-blogger reviews of vacuum cleaners, and so on. The website - especially in ... 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@soix  I'd be happy to put together reviews of equipment if I was compensated by a manufacturer to do so.  But sadly I'm not a professional "Influencer" - I do have another job. Don't get me wrong -  there's no shame in being an influencer.  I use...