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Nola Baby Grand Reference I
i know that Carl has nothing against bi-amping per se, but i believe it's better done the way you are suggesting (different power amps for different frequencies) with electronic crossovers and separate subs. or alternatively do what was suggested ... 
High End Audio-Gaining Higher Ground?
i have been doing the rounds recently investigating valve amps. i have found some dealers to be quite insular, to look down on modern dance music and generally exhibit the kind of attitude that would keep young folk from becoming customers. 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
i've made offers on both Wavac and VAC pre-power combos to work alongside the boulder(despite my better half assuring me this is a dreadful time to try and close a deal. something to do with mercury going retrograde apparently)i'm waiting to see i... 
Wavac PR-Z1 vs Wavac PR-T1
i would also love to know the answer to this, especially now some time has passed and they are available second hand 
Wavac PR-T1 Feedback Request
me too 
Wavac PR-T1 thoughts?
may i ask, did the Wavac PRT1 ever achieve the sound you were looking for? did it flesh out the lower register and gain some slam? i ask because i am considering one, and these are vital traits to meif not i would be very interested to know what y... 
Zanden v VAC v VTL
i've just added wavac's pr-t1 to the list 
Zanden v VAC v VTL
that's a good point. no i haven't.what should i be taking into account?do i need to match impedance?thank you for your observation 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
i will let you guys be the judge of whether there is significant information sub-25hz...this is my reference tune for bass; 'freak' by fluke it sounds to me like two titans throwing lightning bolts at each other across a stormy sky: 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
george your 'not short of a buck' observation requires an income isn't high, equivalent to about $40k pa.the last few years i have been living a hermit's lifestyle and spending exactly half of my income on my system, possible on accoun... 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
and rcprince i am deffo with you on the treble, i can live with a certain roll-off at the top end. but i value the sub20hz region too highly to ignore it; that's where the fear factor comes in, and my preferred musical style has plenty of incursi... 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
here you go: i get the feeling that over the next year i will be comparing products from vac and vtl, to complement the boulder 2060's handling of the bass.has an... 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
George-lofi i hear what you are saying about OTL valve amps. my big concern there is that the baby grands aren't the most efficient and i enjoy full-bodied sounds at high spl's, so fear they will lack the power i need for bass-orientated music. i ... 
the best amps for bass, best for the rest?
i did consider a pair of big brystons (28bsst), but my reading informed me that they might not be as good in the lower frequencies as the other contenders, krell and boulder. my dealer concurred they were not at the same level. i am very intrigued... 
Which would you choose?
those speakers demand a very high level of partnering equipment. they are exceptionally revealing and will not flatter inferior kit; they will expose it ruthlessly since the phalanx can be made to sound a bit fierce at the top by ill-considered pa...