Responses from hudman

First song to "Blow You Away"...
Aqualung by Jethro Tull on the car radio.... 
little known musicians we should hear
Jellyfish ... great Pop The Producers ... California intelligent popKevin Gilbert - a Deceased genius again from CA. Gentle Giant - The kings of 70's Prog... IMHO 
Best live album you've ever heard?
Easy one..Gentle Giant's Playing the Fool !!!! 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
1). 1974 - Genesis w Peter Gabriel - The Lamb tour .Genesis were never better.2). 1975 - Gentle Giant - Headlining at last!! An Awesome concert especially for the Fans. (orpheum theatre Boston)3). 1973 - Jethro Tull _ A Passion Play concert at the... 
Gentle Giant - In a Glass House (vinyl)Steely Dan - AJA ( vinyl or CD) Flim + The BB's - Tricycle (DMP gold CD) Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon (CD)Spirit - 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardoicus (MOFI Gold CD) 
Words From the Wise
Was the title chosen from the Gentle Giant song of the same name ??? 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Aspirations by Gentle Giant from The Power and the Glory White Winds by Andreas Vollenweider The song ICE by Camel..... (best Guitar song ever !!) 
Your Dream Band
OK here goes ... Kerry Minnear - Keyboards, Pat Metheny - Guitar , Victor Wooten - Bass, Bill Bruford - Drums, - Lennon/Mccartney - Vocals 
NAD Reliability
I have owned NAD 1300 Preamp and it has been reliable for last 10 years. However it had pops + clicks from day 1. I have since upgraded to an Adcom Gfp 565 and still have the pops + clicks. I think the culprit is my Hafler DH-200 amp. 
List or discuss your favorite music
Anything by GENTLE GIANT the best 70's progressive band. Also anything by Pat Metheny, Flim + The BB's , Bela Fleck on the jazz side. 
Speakers: all-time worst
Come on guys... Bose 901's take this title hands down...Yeech... 
Paradigm vs. PSB
I just heard the Stratus Silvers and was not impressed. The treble was too laid back and i could not hear the drums.. The Paradigms are next on my list.