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Integrated Amp upgrade path
Thanks for the feedback!It look me about a month to tweak my RELs. Mostly because I first went down the path of lower crossover and higher volume. The sound in my system was very clean, similar in voicing to the Revel Salon/Studio series, but that... 
Integrated Amp upgrade path
OP, I notice you have a REL 6 pack. Currently I have 2 REL S/812s and am thinking of building up a six pack. How challenging was it to dial in the six pack?Thanks 
Jadis DA88S mkii integrated
Yeah I’m in the US. Bluebird used to have the I50 and I88 on their website. Don’t know why it changed. I use Magico S1 with the I50. I think Jadis brings body and density which helps round out the Magico sound. The I88 is very similar to the I50. ... 
Jadis DA88S mkii integrated
I own the Jadis I50 and I have heard the I88. They have the Jadis magical midrange and clean bass. Not sure about the DA88 with the KT120s though.  
Subwoofer Decisions - REL/Rythmik, Pair/Single, Paper/Aluminum Driver, etc.
I have a pair of REL S/812. Took me about a month to dial them in but they are good enough that I’m thinking of building up a stack. However, I worry about the difficulty in dialing in 2 more subs. My room is asymmetric so my settings for each sub... 
Stereo RELs, two different sizes?
An alternative is to use all 3 subs. There is a vocal contingent advocating the subwoofer swarm idea. I haven’t tried it but I am considering going from 2 to a 4 REL stack. The challenge is the doubling of crossovers and gain to optimize. It took ... 
Magico owners S1Mk 2
1) I don’t think you need to have perfect hearing to enjoy music and to be able to discriminate between different stereo systems. Your brain can fill in missing cues - training/attention is more important. 2) I have the Magico S1 mk1 and don’t fee... 
Optimize Stereo Experience - NYC Studio
I live in NYC and here are some thoughts to consider. 1) I put my speakers much closer to my seat, about 8 feet from the center of my seat to tweeter. The closer you are to the speaker, the potentially less room interaction. 2) You don’t have to u... 
Where are the cheap home streamers?
An inexpensive option would be Airport Express to Toslink to Schiit Modi using Airplay. I think it can carry 44/16.  
Do you use a Subwoofer when listening to stereo?
I’ve been spending the past couple days tuning a pair of REL S812s. It’s challenging because I have a mode around 60-70Hz, presumably the floor-ceiling mode. After a bit of tweaking, I think I’ve finally gotten the crossover low enough to avoid au... 
Does the first reflection point actually matter??
Is this discussion only limited to lateral reflections? It seems to me the floor is the largest first reflection. Is there a contention that rugs or room furniture don’t matter? 
The REL Acoustics NO.25 Subwoofers // The Six Pack Perfection.. BARGAIN ?!
Help me understand "the swarm" in the broader audiophile world
REL seems to be moving more into the multiple sub arena with their stackable S line. The interviews with John Hunter suggest that they believe in bass originating from different points in space, including height.  
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
At the $10-25k price point, I think aesthetics, service and how you connect with your dealer are just as important as the sound. Fortunately there are numerous dealers in the greater NYC area. The only question is how exhaustive you intend your se... 
Best used integrated under $5k
I have heard the Simaudio integrated with the Sabrina at Lyric Hifi on the UES. I think the combo is really good and it fits your budget.