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MC I've missed you (a long journey back in time)
Thank you.I don't seem to be very adept at trading up. Always seem to sell at the wrong time, buy at the wrong time, choose the wrong horse in the race.I had a Micro Seiki BL-51 TT, and Technics EPA-500 tonearm (+ 4 arm tubes of different mass). E... 
Review: PS Audio Elite Amplifier
Astonishing to me that 10 years of requests for a schematic have gone unanswered.  The Elite must not have been a successful product if nobody has any info for it. 
Seeking feedback on Kef egg 5.1
OK now I have this system at home. Now I need to find a forum that knows something about them. 
Are phone app spectrum analyzers accurate?
Calibrated for the iPhone? Which model?Any app could equalize a cheap mic--but the apps don't ask what phone it's installed on, don't have a calibration feature, and don't have a differential mode. 
Phono cable - necessary?
Good read.  Thanks, Al. 
Phono cable - necessary?
Is cable capacitance of less consideration when used with a low-impedance MC into low-ish input loads (<1KOhms)?