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Perfect Pop Songs
Annie - Greatest Hit 
Name a few albums which helped determine your musical tastes
Polygon Window - Surfing on Sine WavesNewcleus - Jam on RevengeBeastie Boys - License to IllSuicidal Tendencies - Suicides an AlternativeHouse Hallucinates Pump Up the World 
Non-Standard Christmas/Holiday Music I like, ..and yours?
I love xmas music and do broadcasts on Mixlr a couple times a year, often playing non-traditional tunes. Here was my Xmas in July one...  Stream/download link is at the bottom of this post. Bird Peterson - Opening Montage Ray Conniff - Ring Christ... 
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
dayglow, I don't play it all year, but I do usually do a Xmas in July set, and I play it fairly often after Halloween and ALWAYS in December.Here was my stream from July this year...and there are a couple or three more on my Mixlr showreel. Bir... 
Forgotten/Neglected Artists?
Lewis Taylor, for sure. 
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
roxy54, Each of those cubes hold about 90 records. A discogs search of the word "christmas" in my collection leaves 317 results, with not all of those records being actually in the database. It’s not a contest though, we just love Xmas music!!!Che... 
Jazz for aficionados
I've also been digging Yazz Ahmed lately! 
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
This is the Xmas section in my record collection.  I'd guess that it's between 350-400. 
Jazz for aficionados
I haven't seen any Lloyd Miller recommendations yet, so I'll start with A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz. 
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
Jimmy McGriff - Christmastime Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas Saint Etienne - A Glimpse of StockingSia - Everyday is ChristmasDavid Grisman - David Grisman's Acoustic ChristmasThere are five that I love, but I'd have a hard time... 
Your favorite 'concept' album
Kasvot Växt: í rokk  
Who are your three favorite female singers?
In no particular order...Kate BushTori AmosNina Simone 
Tea For The Tillerman2
This album was recorded during the anniversary of my birth in 1970.  I love the original, and I'm loving the re-recording fifty years later.  I didn't come upon the album until the late eighties, which could have something to do with the fact that... 
Tidal Christmas Music Albums/Playlists
I love Xmas music.  Here is a Tidal playlist I made last year.  I'll be doing some additions to it very soon.