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Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
@ebm What album is that on??? Need the info!  Get on it ASAP!!!  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
This thread for me confirms easily the worst thing about audiophiles: their taste in music. Of course the answers are going to be middle-of-the-road audiophile-approved pap like Patricia Barber and Diana Krall. And yes, let's not forget Flight o... 
Zavfino OCC SILVER DART 1.5 power cable
@jasonbourne52 You are a condescending internet troll, and you get you a grim satisfaction from belittling others online. It's obvious that you desparately want everyone to be aware of your opinion, and clearly you don't have the humility to allow... 
Vacuum Tube Break-in
In my experience, it can vary greatly from a minimal discernible effect during the first 50 hours to multiple drastic qualitative changes over the course of the first hour or two of usage.  
Beautiful choral singing
KITKA Women's Vocal Ensemble - Sacred Treasures V From a Russian Cathedral - Shen Khar Venakhi  
Jazz for aficionados
Jan Harbeck Quartet - Balanced This album has some throwback to Louis Armstrong’s entrancing, flowing, and gentle musicality.  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
I really wanted people to be restricted to only two songs, as that was the whole point of the idea here. But, seeing how many already flubbed that rule, I’m gonna add another one too 😂. This one might be better for testing across the FR range than... 
Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filtering system - Improving streaming sound quality
I thought I'd give a quick update to my last comment above since I had forgotten about it. I think most would have expected this result, but inserting the Furman pst-8 broadband coaxial filter upstream from the Muon was a significant downgrade. Le... 
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
@dinov I'm loving these answers too!  It's getting me to dig into albums I haven't listened to for a couple decades.  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
(Try to ignore the unrealistic aspects of this question that accompany the hypothetical nature of the proposition)  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
My current two, mostly based on frequency of usage for testing, are: 1) Diana Krall - Sway [96/24], Qobuz 2) Nik Bärtsch - Modul 12 [48/24], Qobuz  
What are you streaming tonight?
Ben Allison - Buzz (Remastered, 2022)  
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
@jaymark If you haven't already committed, I think you'd do well to have a brief look at the final sentence of teajay's Stereo Times review of the SPL Performer s1200 from March of this year, and for context also look at the amplification equipmen... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Hang Massive - Luminous Emptiness This album is beautiful and peaceful.  It's the type of music that resonates and vibrates an inner gladness for my existence. ~gladmo