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"You cannot handle the truth"
Well said, n80. 
Update on Paul Laudati of Clear Day Cable
I talked to Paul a few times, an absolute joy to speak with and just B.S. about any subject that came up. My impression of him was an honest, caring man with a good nature and a great product he believed in. He did leave an impression on me and wi... 
Could-care-less Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers Bash
The Good: Modwright, GR Research,Verastar, The Upgrade Company, Tekton.The Not So Good: Odyssey Audio, A couple of repair shops, both local and well known.                                                                                            ... 
Electrostatic pros and cons.
Great info and thread here! Thank you, all. 
Electrostatic pros and cons.
Thank you , all, for your input. I am definitely curious about them and just might grab a pair to see for myself.   
Ahhh--Problem solved. Adding a REL sub-bass unit...
I switched from floor standers to monitors with 2 REL T-7's a few years ago and never looked back. As stated above by a few people, the flexibility of the subs to the source (a recording with low, or high bass) is the best attribute about this set... 
Thiel Owners
Thanks, brayeagle. I'm waiting on a response from the seller. I have a Modwright KWA-150 SE. I'm thinking that should do the trick. 
Thiel Owners
Thanks, Jafant. I will check this out, as I have time today. 
Thiel Owners
So... CS 3.5. good stuff? A pair is for sale on a local CL. Probably can get them for 400. Any advice? Thanks, Jeff 
Trouble Contacting Clear Day Cables
Best wishes and prayers to Paul. My few conversations with him were nothing but positive! And, @ I do not need an explanation,as requested by clearthink. 
Like the new look to audiogon ?
All right, I tried to keep an open mind on this,however, I just tried to search and this is truly Bull S#!t. You lost me. 
Preamp Suggestions for hot-rodded Odyssey Khartago?
To me, the Modwright sounded cleaner with more detail. Bass was about the same. I listen to Rock, prog, lots of German metal, Im a product of the 80's hair bands. Also acoustic and classic rock.I also now have a Modwright amp insted of the Odyssey. 
Preamp Suggestions for hot-rodded Odyssey Khartago?
I had the Candella with a couple of Odyssey amps. I swithched to a Modwright Pre( SWL9.0 Anniversary) and preferred it over the Candella.It is in your price range. Good Luck! 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
Evoke. Great looking speakers and Mark is  a great guy to talk to. Check them out. 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
I believe attitude/frame of mind has a lot to do with it. If my mind is on other things, I do not get into as much as just  " chillin' and crankin' some tunes." However, like gillatgh, never hate it.