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What I wish I knew before starting my audiophile journey
Room treatment?   
DIY Steampunk Tube Amplifier, feedback please :)
Congratulations, that's quite an achievement! I love it and the magic eye is brilliant. Dr. Zarkov has found his amplifier!  
What's the oddest thing in your music collection?
A 4 disc survey of Hungarian popular music from the 70s. One picture disc of the Hungarian Imperial Eagle on one side and a view of Buda from Pest on the other, and three disc that are the three colors of the Hungarian flag: white, red and green. ... 
Has anyone been able to define well or measure differences between vinyl and digital?
I find that a system optimized for a particular TT and cartridge is not very likely to sound equally good with a digital source inserted into it., whatever it is. Your TT has a sound, and your streamer has a different sound. Optimizing for both in... 
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Designing an amp specific to the speakers it is driving is a great idea. Remember Acoustats? They made an amplifier, the TransNova 200, that would drive their very difficult speakers. 1981, I believe. My Acoustic Research LST speakers, now almost... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
Air conditioned house and hot running Audio Research CL60 finally got to be too much for my wife, and me. Went to a tube/mosfet hybrid, Moscode 600 Maxi, but... went back to a VT100. But now I'm thinking GaNFET. Worth a try.  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
I will tell interested people where I shop. They can figure it out.  
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
"That Mellow Saxophone" from Boogeyin'! on Mapleshade because it's so much fun.    
Solid state to tube
About maintenance, it depends. I have a 25 year old Audio Research VT100 that still has its original tubes, and they’re doing great. Did have to replace the fan, however, at 24 years. I agree that putting a tube preamp in your existing system wou... 
5 Dumb Things Audiophiles Believes.
I've watched several of his videos and he seems sensible. And his emphasis on speaker placement and room treatment is spot on, especially given his target audience of more entry level hobbyists. He is a refreshing respite from the "everything is a... 
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
No! My $27k Wakarimasen Buddha Enhanced amp with power supply upgrades by Hugo Burpie blows it away! Why anything else is junk. Junk I say! What was the question?  
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
Well, if you put it that way... Good reply. Thanks.     
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
I question the analogy in the premise. Can we make classic cars outperform today's supercars? I don't think so... and if you could even come close, it would be by grafting on modern technology, so... what's the point? Do I want a '64 Mustang 289 ... 
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Martin Logan Monolith IIIx. So frickin' cool looking. Never really got them to sound good, but, hey...  Sold to a guy in Japan and made money on them. So... mixed feelings. At the moment, I don't think my Vandersteen 5 speakers are going anywhe... 
Need recommendations for a streamer
Don't be fast to dump your Freya+. Paired with the M1200s? Yum. IMHO Try your darnedest to avoid WiFi. Run a cable. (CAT6 is good for about 300'.) It takes time, but you get used to drilling holes through your walls. And floors. And those long dr...