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Dedicated NUC/Nucleaus vs shared PC (w Fiber Media Converter connected to Endpoint)
NUC is not better sound. But better stability. Less troubling by far.  Sonore with fiber is a tremendous increase in sound when connected to good DAC  
Suggestion for $10K soup to nuts digital?
Lumin P1 is an all in one. Just add amp. Pre dac streamer all in one.    off the wall suggestion wait for the mark II version of the ps audio Dorectstream dac and their streamer. Coming out next month and month after.  Together about 10k.  30 day... 
Sound quality of Roon
I agree that statement that is the implementation not the software that causes issues.  How can the Alsace software have issues with person a but the vast majority do not?  I am on all the roon sites including Facebook groups.  It’s NEVER the NUC ... 
Sound quality of Roon
I suggest the OP read the many videos and reviews on Roon and why someone would and would not use it.  If you want it’s features the set up a core and DAC.  The confusing part is some higher end streamers can be cores and DAC all in one. i also a... 
Need recommendations for a streamer
I love the optical isolation from Sonore but I use Roon. Not sure but I think it can do streaming w/o roon. You might need computer then.  Innuos would be nice choice. Hear their app is very good. Ephoney is good too. Not sure of the spelling there   
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
I use both an external xover and DSP.  DSP to tame bass that no xover can fix. The xover is to integrate sub better and let me use for movies too.  That being said DSP happens in Roon using focus fidelity software and convolution filter in roon.  ... 
Looking for a preamp with XLR connections
I use the PS Audio BHK. It does use tubes but it’s a hybrid. Pass labs and Luxman would be on my list as well and plus 1 more to ignore ASR.   
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
I have the Sonore Signature SE and tried using the Matrix DDC to I2S and really did not notice the big change others have.  The Sonore is super sounding.  That being said I think I will try the PS Audio AirLens when it comes out in the next few mo... 
PS Audio BHK 600
That is a good point @mulveling .  This is a whole other tier of companies and level of quality.  I have a bunch of pieces of PS Audio and love them.  I think they are great for the price and support is fantastic.  Powerplants are a bit expensive ... 
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
PSAudio who is the company pushing I2S is coming out w streamer only I2S output. About 2K.   
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
(m-db) by ruin I meant they went through a patch and lost their edge and in my option just not the same product quality.    
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
I owned the predecessor to the 4000SB, not even close to musically as good as the Servo technology in a Rythymic. Its also listed on SVS for 1899 right now. Never owned a JL, have heard wonderful things about them. They compare closer to a REL. SV... 
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
I use the CR-1 along with Roon DSP and it work amazingly.  The blend of my Rythmik G25HP blends perfectly and then add DSP is prefer to. Add in my room is dual room so HT pass through on the CR-1 works like a champ too.   
Focal Sopra 2 - Too Much Bass?
To the OP I have the Sopra 2 with a very musical Rythmik G25HP subwoofer. My room is just like yours. 13.5 X 24.  I have room treatment in the right places but I believe my low ceiling of 7.5’  causes a big bump at 150-200hz. I ended up using JL a... 
A warm natural sounding preamp
Tubes will give that sound u r looking for. But if that is too much try hybrids like the PSAudio. It’s in budget with a phono pre as it does not have that built in.