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VTL information
David has passed Luke is the son that runs VTL , I have 250 mono blocks had them serviced  many times with and without manual  thru the years, roxy54 is correct. Find a tech that good ,no fly by nite , I have mine over 20 years ,enjoy them.  
The past meets the future
😎Make sure you sit down before the cartridge hits the groove.  
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
VTL  250 mono blocks ,  I own for 20years , heavy yes , upkeep can be a pain , but can always be fixed , by a descent tech. I purchased them used for 3000  Used ,New today out of reach , I guess when I bias them , I appreciate them even more.  
Review: CM Labs 914 Amplifier
Drandell-9ce4 is there a chance you can send me a copy cm911 schematics  
Audio valve preamp
Thank you for your response , we tried everything swap cables , even set it up with other speakers and amp, same problem ,even changed the tubes.. I was told there are many relays in unit .  hard to fix.    
Is your now then?
I remember a baby grand piano ,behind it was a jades amplifier, and two speakers on stands , the setup was simple, no rack , Many people  in the building were talking about Victor , with a new invention that would make cd, sound better .   Many ye... 
Is your now then?
I worked for Federal Express ,I delivered to a apartment in Manhattan,  standing outside the door I heard music , the maid open the door , and  the sound just beautiful ,like I never experience before. One day a gentleman answered the door ,And in... 
I own vtl  250 mono blocks for over 15 years , sound wise very good. Biasing them not that hard .  8 ,6550 tubes in each amp enough power for most speakers ,  rated at 230 watts each. 
Jeff Vegas  Can you tell me ,what gain and load you use with that cartridge the Hana ml, thanks I also own one ,  
Need a sut for Hana ml
Hi, it has about  50 hours on it , it’s the best cart I have , it’s great on vocals, and jazz ,which I mostly listen to ,all the bass lines , rhythm ,  and top end , are all there, and easy to follow, this cart has stand up bass and acoustic guita... 
Audio envy - dang!
I just received their phono cable , I have to say I was impressed with its top end ,clarity , and definition. to detail , easy to hear., piano had more shading of tones . Bass was more together , It worked well with my system.  Voice was very clea... 
Problem with one of my Gershman Avant Garde RX-20s... HELP!
I should of said He builds speakers and repairs electronics. 
Problem with one of my Gershman Avant Garde RX-20s... HELP!
There is a pair  on usaudiomart  he is in Brooklyn . Maybe  this might help call Scott at custom sounds 718 224-5083 he is there tue - fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm He is in bayside queens . Maybe he can help . I builds speakers and works on electronics ... 
Need a sut for Hana ml
First, I like to thank everyone for their help on the situation ,a friend came over with a sut with 3 different settings I settled on 1:18 at 150 ohms , plus he is in the process making resistors for my 1:10 sut . I think I judge the cartridge to ... 
Need a sut for Hana ml
It sounds much different at 100 ohms tone wise better , but noisy to much gain, so I think maybe 150 to 200 ohms will do. The Hana sl sounds good at 470 ohms the Hana ml sounds to stringent