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Best reasonably priced interface with Bluesound Vault 2
I have been using the Fire HD7 tablet for a few years to operate my Node with no problems 
Bluesound Node 2
@ mofiMy Tidal artists list is in order on my Bluesound Node 
SET amps (almarro vs decware)
I have the Almarro and you do not have to bias it every time it is used. I haven't biased mine in 3 years, I have even checked with my meter . Even the owners manual states when the tubes are new you may have some drift but further down the line i... 
Zu audio advice
What model are you looking at ? I have the basic Omen and the sound is gorgeous. I just ordered the MK1B upgrade and can't wait for it to arrive. 
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
Listening to it now.Thanks 
Acoustic panels - how high?
Follow the directions in this linkhttp://www.gikacoustics.com/video-early-first-reflection-points/ 
Best way to pay lossless music through av receiver
You can check out the Bluesound products also made by NAD. You can control it with your phone. Plus you can also stream from music services 
zu omen floorstander speakers
I'm using an Almarra 318B with my omens and the sound is excellent. You can find them used for around 1200-1500.00. Just keep your eyes out for them 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
Joe maybe you sent them to your old address. LOL. 
Tidal & Deezer - Streaming Devices Used...?
Bluesound Node up to 24/192 
Finally "HiFi" streaming - comments on Tidal???
Same here, I never had a problem. I answered you over at the other forum 
Streaming Box
Bluesound Node 
Tidal vs. Spotify
SwdealmakerCan you explain your search method ? What does Spotify give you that Tidal doesn't via search ? 
Turntable dust covers
Im sorry The J threw me off. I bought mine from this guy.Displaycasej.comtry them for a qoute 
Turntable dust covers
When i bought mine it was under 200.00 shipped to my door.