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Amplifier brand/designer with the most unique and consistent “house sound?”
Ayre..Agree totally with Eric Squires.quoting ERIC " Not sure  I can be as articulate tonight as I have been in the past, but to my ears the Ayre amps seem to darken the room, as if they could suck the noise out of it and leave you with less of yo... 
Roon 1.8
Has the ability to reorder aa playlist disappeared? I did it the old way and it worked once but that was all.  Not even sure how/why the first try worked. 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
DAC.   Game changer. 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
I still have all but one of my original Transparent cables. All reference level but about 25 years old.  I did trade up to a new Synergistic primary interconnect from my original designer reference to take advantage of their trade up program.  Mad... 
Mark Levinson 39 Drawer problem
I don't know for sure but I have heard they will not sell parts to anyone so you are at their mercy.   I would not spend too much fixing it.  That drawer setup is prone to problems.I saw one bill bill to fix a 390s for $2200.  I sold mine for $2500. 
Mark Levinson 39 Drawer problem
 I no longer have  it around since I  Included all the manuals etc when I sold my 390S .  I did find this on Audiogon---this should be your first thing to attempt. I have a 390S that is now my backup (since I jumped on the AR CD7/8 bandwagon) and ... 
Mark Levinson 39 Drawer problem
re calibrate the drawer.   It’s either that or a bad  eprom  ( hopefully the former)  
Mark Levinson 30.5 DAC vs. current DACs?
I owned a ML 390S CD processor for over 20 years.  Fine  piece of equipment with very good sound and very reliable except for the erratic drawer function of the transport.I am sure its still quite viable in today's market at more reasonable pricin... 
Higher End DACs
Ayre QX-5 /twenty or QX/8  depending on budget deserve consideration.A little pricey but QX/5 was a game changer for me.DCS has very well respected DACs  and priced accordingly. 
Synergies in music and amp combinations?
Diana Krall sounds "in the room" via my Ayre DAC/Boulder amp /ML pre-ampWhether she is a Porsche because she is a singer, not sure. Her recording quality is awesome. ( I have often found the Verve label to have top notch recordings)The way she sou... 
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
The Cayman probably is the best pure sports car currently in Porsche's portfolio. I really like the 718 body style and,  of course,  it would have to be a 6 cylinder.  I like the Macan alot, too, but I'll stick with my BMW M235 IX for daily drivin... 
New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?
The New Vette is certainly a hell of a car and without a doubt an amazing value in this category.  I doubt you will see many 60K ones out there.  I played around with a build and to do it right you are running closer to 80K. Still quite a machine ... 
Affordable cables
We all know and can't dispute that SR and other uber expensive cables can do magic with your systems however most of us aspiring audiophiles simply can't afford them ... IMHO, a lot of the "magic" vs snake oil discussions are system dependent.W... 
Personal amp evolution
Sansui 800Sansui  8McIntosh 6100McIntosh separates ( forgot model--did not own long)Theshold 400eML 336Boulder 850 Mono amps 
Mark Levinson preamp no. 38 vs 38s vs 380 vs 380s
I had  an ML 38 and upgraded it to 380S status ($1500. ) back in the day.  Well worth the upgrade.Still have the 380S . Its very quiet, very neutral.  If that is what you are looking for in a preamp, a used one is a great choice for the current go...