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Anyone been to United Home Audio?
One of my better retail experiences, too. No pressure, honest answers to my questions, and didn't treat me like a "tire-kicker". I ended up buying my Gershman X-1/SW-1's from them. At the time, they only had a mismatched set, but they loaned them ... 
Best and Worst Rock Concert Moments
In 1973, or '74, I went to the Casino Arena, in Asbury Park,NJ. Renaissance headlined, Linda Ronstadt opened. My friends and I were sitting on the floor, close to the stage. I had a camera, and started taking pictures during Ronstadt's set. A boun... 
What started you on the merry go round?
In 1967, I was 10, and my Dad had a Lafayette system (tube receiver, Criterion? speakers, Garrard turntable). I vividly recall hearing the Mamas & Papas- the harmonies had me transfixed. It sounded so much better than when I heard it on AM rad... 
MySpace...great place to discover music
I found an old favorite, on MySpace. In 1991, I bought an album by Vinnie James (All American Boy), which I thought was fantastic. I kept looking for a follow-up, but never saw one. About 6 months ago, I found him on MySpace. He had a new album ou... 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Don't know if it's the sexiest ever but try Lucinda Williams' Right In Time:"I take off my watch and my earrings My bracelets and everything Lie on my back and moan at the ceiling Ooh, my baby Think about you and that long ride I bite my nails, I ... 
Classical Football background Music
Is this what you're looking for?http://www.valley-entertainment.com/Artists/NFL_Films_Music/ 
The "A" List
Jackson Browne's new CD
I'm having trouble getting it out of my CD player, too. 
Red Trumpet still in business?
I remember going to Rick's home in Virginia during the early days, listening to music and, walking out with many purchases. I also was "let loose" in the York warehouse a few years ago. I'm saddened by the end of Red Trumpet. Rick's honesty will b... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Thedautch-Great lyric, wrong writer. Jackson Browne wrote "These Days".Eddie 
What to add to my system for best sound?
Pick up copies of The Complete Guide to High-End Audio by Robert Harley and/or Good Sound by Laura Dearborn. They'll tell you most everything you'd want to know about the subject. Once you know more, you'll be able to become a smarter buyer and re... 
Help me pick a monitor
I listened to the Tylers and Paradigms while searching for monitors, although I only heard the Tylers against the ones I eventually bought (Gershman X-1's) and I thought the Gershmans bettered both. With my tube monos, the Gershman's were, to my e... 
"simian" rock/pop songs?-a survey
Don't forget "Shock the Monkey". 
anyone listenedd to the Gershman Cameleons?
I listened to them extensively about 8 months ago and was very impressed. I didn't compare them to the Meadowlarks, though. My speaker budget was about 3 times the cost of the Cameleons but I'm hoping to pick up a pair for a second system at some ... 
Live at Carnegie Hall
A band called Renaissance recorded an album there in 1975 accompanied by members of the New York Philharmonic. The original 2LP set and the new 2CD set from Japan are the best sonically.Eddie