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Personal amp evolution
1973 - Marantz 1060 (a basic 30w integrated)1977 - Harmon Kardon 730 receiver (dual power...)1989 - Adcom 200w/channel (played loud)1993 - Adcom mono 300w (played very loud)1999 - Plinius SA-100 (what a step up)2000 - 2 Plinius SA-100 MK3 (used as... 
Up grade to Dodson 218 ??
I traded my Dodson 217 MKII for the audiomeca and have been very pleased. Darker background. Big soundstage. Better base. You may want to test one out. 
Lightning Protection
If it hits you house or even very close, ther isn't much you can do to protect electronic stuff. I live where a close hit happens most years. Over the years, I had a surge protector installed by my utility company on our pole mounted transfromer, ... 
Beyond SACD with Redbook: Price No Object
Cwlondon: I have the Audio Meca Mephisto transport that I originally purchased with a Dodson Audio Dac. I upgraded the Dac last fall with the Audio Meca Enkianthus Dac. These are magic together in my system (Aloia pre-amp, Plinius amps, Dunlavy V ... 
Beyond SACD with Redbook: Price No Object
Cwlondon: I own both the Audio Meca and the Sony ES 9000. I can tell you that I no longer even look at SACD releases. I never listen to any of the SACD disks I own. I only use the Sony for movies. For the first time, I'm satisified with my system ... 
Best Blues Rock recommendations?
You've got to get some Taj Mahal. Try his newer stuff but you really need a copy of "The Real Thing". It is live at the filmore with a great horn section (4 tubas included). Also, a really great sleeper is Burton Garr. 
rock/jazz fusion
Joe Zawinul Syndicate World Tour is the best new stuff around. 
Audiomeca Mephisto II vs. SACD and DVD-A
I own both an Audio Meca Mephisto transport / Audiomeca Dac and a Sony 9000ES DVD SACD player (with Aloia pre-amp, audio techne interconnects, Plinius amps and Dunlavy V speakers). I have made a very careful comparison of Weather Report Heavy Weat... 
Which cd/dv mega changer using an outboard DAC?
Try the Audiomeca DAC if you have the bucks. It avoids some of the jitter issues by processing the singal in a unique way... First decomposing the singal, then reassembling it before upsampling. I've used mine with an old ADCOM 5 disc changer for ... 
How do you all store CDs?
It's 750 CDs today, 1000 tomorrow, 1250 next year... You need a solution that allows for expansion. I use products from CANAM. They are well crafted metal cabinets with a leather like finish available in lots of colors (I chose Black). The cabinet... 
Where R U?????
Walkertown, NC (the triad area) 
Best and Worst Reissue/Remaster CDs
Thanks folks. I knew this would pay off... Just ordered Nilsson Sings Newman and Zappa One Size Fits All. I decided against Dave Clark even though I wanted my wife to experience it. Hope to hear more! 
anyone? anyone?
Check out Can-Am products. Modular steal contruction with textured finishes (lots of colors). Rock solid, reasonble price. Have modules for components as well as sources and solid laminate tops. 
which DAC to buy ?
I just auditioned the audiomeca in my home last week and bought it. I has a top Dodson. I hear less harsh edges, a more quiet background. I also added a CD transformer. It made soundstage bigger and made instruments seem more destinct with both da... 
Speakers for the party system
Thanks for all the advice... I've started looking for a subwoofer. The klipsh option would be my first choice, but somewhat more expensive (and larger footprint). I hope to try the system out on the winter soltice.