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No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Watch "House MD" on Fox. Almost every week the main character (Hugh Laurie) spins vinyl on what appears to be a high-end table. I don't know what kind it is, but it has a clamp, and an arm that appears to be an RB-300 or something similar, and a w... 
Turntables New vs Used
Ferrari... dude... this is a discussion forum. You don't get to take offense to somebody disagreeing with you.Audiophilia like any other hobby is all about opinion and personal choices.Chill out. 
Record Clamp for Rega P5?
I would be very cautious about using a very heavy weight as opposed to a clamp on a Rega turntable.I use a clamp that holds the record down by clamping on to the spindle.The Rega tables have very very low torque motors and I'm not sure how long th... 
Record Clamp for Rega P5?
I use a Clearaudio clamp on my P3 and it clamps the short spindle just fine.Despite Rega believing that clamps don't make it sound better, I much prefer my P3 with clamp in place. 
Which Hootie and the Blowfish album to buy ?
>>"Which Hootie and the Blowfish album to buy ?"I'll field this one...none of them. 
they are very much worth seeing live. i highly recommend it. great bunch of guys, as well. 
Oracle Delphi MarkII or Music Hall7? Which one?
without a doubt i would go for the oracle. it's a classic design and a suspended format.the rega arms work with the delphi, but a low-mass arm would work for you as well.the delphi looks and sounds far better than the music hall, in my opinion. th... 
Which cartridge for MMF-7
I have a Clearaudio cartridge on my table (Rega P3) and am very very happy with it. 
Rega Exact on a Rega P5 - opinions?
I use a Clearaudio Aurum Alpha Wood on the P3 and it does require VTA adjustment, however the cartridge is nothing short of magical. (for the money, of course) 
What's your profession? Age?
Musician - 20I'm currently in a Bachelor of Music program, and a working musician. Check out one of my bands - www.janetcullband.com