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聖HIJIRI Users thread
Everything in your system affects the SQ.  The only way to know whether a cable improves your SQ is to try it.  Don’t buy a cable you can’t return.   Everybody else’s advice is pretty useless, they’re describing the synergy of the cable in their... 
What a pile of Schiit
I’ve got two Aegirs, a Freya and an Yggy.  I don’t think you can get better SQ for the money. HOWEVER, their customer service is pretty bad.  Either there’s no high level person in charge of customer service, they don’t train their people, or the... 
Why spend more than $25 per piece of equipment on vibration reduction?
I’d have to agree with @millercarbon that, if you’re not going to get into the really big bucks, Nobsound springs (found on Amazon) are the way to go.  I’ve got them under my 90lb speakers and under my subs.  They definitely improve speaker imagin... 
Clocking: again!
Thanks for the info!  
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
The Chinese Communists are not our friends.  They seek world domination and are probably astounded that we were stupid enough to let them into the World Trade Organization- thank you, Bill Clinton, very savvy politician. The Party owns the econom... 
Clocking: again!
So I have the Etherregen and love it.  Precisely which 10Mhz Master clock is recommended with it and whose cables?  
Who uses ADS Speakers
I purchased the ADS Sub-Sat system in the early 1980's and they served in my main system for about a decade.  They are my son's main system today and he loves them.  I did have to replace the caps in the subwoofer amp a few years ago.  Not bad aft... 
Roon Streaming Service actually Degrades the sound
What is going to sound best depends on the synergies with your existing equipment.  My system is very revealing, IMO, and I found my Innuos Zen MkIII sounded much better with Roon running in experimental mode (one of the options they give you) th... 
Finally Learned: Subs serve much larger role than adding more low bass
I use the high-level inputs on my subs. Any thoughts about how important the quality of the speaker cable is going from the back of the amps to the high-level inputs on the subs? Mine is 18 gauge OFC but was cheap on Amazon.      
Innuos Sense vs Roon Experimental Mode
Great!  I'll give it a try.  Thanks for the info.  
Turntable and cartridge setup known for a marvelous bottom end.
The Monitor Audio Gold 300's may say they go down to 30hz, but the specs say the do that at -6Db.  Loudness drops off by half for every 3Db reduction, so you're down to 25% of the volume of the higher frequencies at that point.  And you'd have to ... 
Innuos owners. Chime in
I have the Zen MK III and love it. I use the AudioQuest Diamond and the $400 GR-Research power cable.  It's phenomenal for the price and you can return it if you don't like it.    
Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
I'd be interested in attending.  Is this club still going?  
Roon Skipping?
You were thinking maybe I was listening to the turntable by mistake?  
Roon Skipping?
Sometimes a little stuttering before it switches to the next track.  But not often.