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Surge protectors and power conditioners - Good idea or bad?
Whole home surge protectors are noting but a bunch of big MOVs across line/neutral/ground, or in Europe, MOVs and gas discharge tubes. There is absolutely nothing they are going to do to hurt sound, but they sure may save your equipment. Everythin... 
The Intellectual People Podcast - Galen Gareis (Former Belden Wire Designer)
This thread strikes me as the blind leading the blind. The article is meant to be impressive, but technically is super weak, but if it suits what you want to believe, it must be true.  Same people who going gaga for Galen, pun intended, also go ga... 
Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?
If you ask for what is the best cable, if you get 50 answers, you will get 50 different ones. Pretty much random. That should tell you something. 
Sound quality of Newer versus Older speakers
Newer, by far.  Cone materials are far superior, even more so at the lower end of the spectrum. Ditto techniques for reducing varying inductance effects.  Better capacitors.  Far less cabinet resonances. More consistent dispersion.  
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Greek grill for two, with a side of pita bread. Uber Eats. Should be here any minute. I figured if we are going to make silly posts, then silly answers should be allowed. 
MQA actually tested
Whether it is a con or not, it is based, or at least sold on some very shaking premises, especially the MQA "filter". It is fake. Perhaps with some good AI inference engine you could infer data that does not actually exist, sort of like in AI for ... 
The Police - On any other day. 
What is the actual percentage of people exclusively listening to vinyl vs digital?
Maybe, but I’m 45 this year and I sold all my CDs in the early 90’s and since that time I don’t have anything but vinyl/turntables in my system and keep searching and buying OG records all the time (if i’m not completely broke). You were what, 16 ...