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Have 300b MB want a killer pair of Hi-Eff speakers
GR Research Super V. 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Vero Research/Soundwave. I'm using them now for 5 channels of my 7.4 HT setup and they are excellent speakers. Not real easy to find, but they seem to go for pennies on the dollar now because no one remembers them. 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
The ones I already own, Shahinian Diapason's. 
Speakers in 10-15K price range for Classical music
Shahinian Diapason's or Hawks. 
Transmission line speakers
Somebody in FL should jump on that offer. 
Transmission line speakers
Shahinian builds hybrid TLs that are terminated with a passive radiator. 
Who makes these? what is the value on them?
I have twp pairs of Vero/Soundwave speakers, a pair of larger floor standing PS 2.0's and a second smaller pair, not sure of the model# of those. The PS 2.0 is a ported 5 sided with a Morel tweeter on a VERY narrow baffle between the longers L and... 
8 ohm Dual woofer speakers... How?
If it's a sealed box with a low or relatively low crossover to the mid, then the steep rise at resonance will cause the actual system resonance to be higher for the woofers than the simple 4 ohms calc'd for paralleled drivers. 
Cheapest Sweetest deal you've found
Shahinian Diapason’s for $1,750/pr right here on A’gon. Way too many others to mention, but with some work you can find great deals on the net as well as estate, tag and garage sales. Unfortunately, hamfests aren’t what they used to be. 
Speakers in the 1000 dollar range....
What new DCM Time Window? I checked their website and see no mention of a new Time Window. Details please... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
I have Leslie DVX15’s hooked up in my second system right now, and late 70’s Obelisks in my bedroom. I also have EPI 350’s, DA D8’s and D12’s and Innotech D24’s that I also use occasionally. I have quite a few others as well, but these are the one... 
Best Towers Under $4,000 / pair
VMPS RM40 jrs. $3K, although I think they've only got a single pair left. 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
32 pairs.ADS L810 Altec Corona AR 2A Bose ?? Boston Acoustics A70 Burhoe Crimson Definitive Technology ??Design Acoustics D8 Design Acoustics D12 Eosones ??EPI 602 EPI M50 EPI 350 EPI M201 Innotech D24 Koss ?? Leslie DVX Polk Monitor 4 Radio Shack... 
Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?
I would strongly suggest that you buy used speakers, which can be had for pennies on the dollar. Just in the past few years I’ve nabbed Soundwaves (retail $2,600/pr) for $260, Shahinian Diapasons (retail $14,000/pr) for $2,200, a complete Def Tech... 
Personal speaker evolution
These have been my main speaker systems over the past 30 years or so.- Olson 8” 2-ways, maybe $60 new one of their warehouse sales. Those were the days.- Fisher ST460’s(?), about $400 new. Big mothers w/15” woofers and cast metal horn tweets.- DCM...