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Devore Nines and Daedalus Athena comparison?
I too would love to hear about this comparison. Anyone heard both? 
Where is Mach2music.com?
I have not done that yet but the PI Audio group person that I corresponded with did mention that they can do that upgrade. You can find them at piaudiogroup.com. 
Where is Mach2music.com?
Apparently they have. I tried very hard to contact someone a month or so ago to purchase a unit. No response. Finally corresponded with an associate of theirs (PI Audio) who mentioned that the company had been sold and that the new owner was worki... 
Suggestions for CD/DVD player for my mac mini
05-20-12: Bjesien"You put the cd's in the mini to burn them. "The 2011 mini does not have a drive built in- have to buy an outboard. 
Useful Idiots
Absolutely. Almost every night. 
Tube rolling in the Cary SLI-80 Signature
I have only had mine a couple of months, but following is what I have settled on:white label, gold pin, Amperex 6922sSylvania 1952 3 hole bad boy 6sn7's (sometimes roll in TSBGRP but like the BBs a little better.)Re-issue gold lion KT88sTung Sol N... 
Vintage Fisher, What's best 500C/B or 800B?
Can't help you with which one of those is better, but I recently had an X-100-B restored by Paul Grzybek of Tube Audio Design and I can highly recommend him. He did a great job and the amp sounds incredible. 
Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 or so
I went from an EE mm to a W4S Dac-2. It was not an improvement to my ears, very similar. The Dac-2 though had balanced outs and asynchronous USB options which I wanted. Unless you need more flexibility, the EE for sound quality is hard to beat IMO. 
Opinions on the Nola Contender please
I too would like to hear some feedback on these. I had Boxers for a while and they were very good. I would think the Contenders are also, but very little info on them so far. 
ProAc D38 question
The tweeters should go towards the center. In other words, the speaker with the tweeter positioned toward the left (while facing the drivers) will be the right speaker. 
True Headphone AMP?
At head-fi.org there is a 246 page thread with 3,677 posts about the Hifiman HE-6 which most there agree sounds best with a speaker amp from the speaker outs. A number of vendors are making pigtail adaptors for this. I myself recently purchased a ... 
Wyred DAC-1 or Eastern Electric Minimax DAC
Hi, I owned a EE minimax for several months and now have a Wyred Dac-2. I got the Dac-2 mainly for the balanced outs so I could send the signal to two amps. Unless you need the versatility of the Wyred, I would go with the Minimax. The sound quali... 
Wyred DAC-2
I would be interested in this also.Thank you. 
Most Audiophiles by State
Make that 2 Residualdissonance. In Brandon. I thought I was the only one. 
Valve Audio from South Africa
I had a Predator for a while before going to separates. It is an awesome amp, super power, great tube sound. Built like a tank. Doesn't seem to get mentioned around here very much but I believe it's one of the best.