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Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
The XD has a redesigned crossover. Flatter frequency response. 
Lyra Delos Stylus Crud on top of cantilever
If it happens again this stuff is good because it’s slightly sticky:- would also take a nylon bristle model brush to the red magnet to remove the build up there also.  
Raidho speakers..any interest ??
I downgraded from Raidho to a speaker a third of the C1.1 price. Had a tweeter blow and Raidho sent out a replacement no problem that I installed myself. The C1 pushes the bass forward to give the impression of a greater lower frequency response. ... 
Vitus SIA-025 Mk2... Does it run hot in class-A?
I have been enjoying one of these for over a year so hope I can assist. The majority of the heat heat is in the rear of the amplifier and this is the hottest section of heat sink. The front heat sink only ever get warm. The rear after three to fou... 
Vitus sia 025 vs d'agostino momentum
The current SIA-025 is outputting 25 watts Kl.A & 150 watts Kl.A/B @8ohms, but Vitus’s power specs are ridiculously conservative. My slightly older SIA-025 outputs 100 watts Kl.A/B and controlled my Magico S5’s in my medium size room without b... 
Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?
I am a Raidho user and want to contribute. I run the C1.1 which I think is great fun. No one has raised the drivers that are built in house, no imported stock drivers here. I went for Raidho for the technology in the ribbon tweeter and woofer with... 
Schroeder Reference alignment
Thanks everyone.Yes Frank has directly responded to be now.RegardsCyvlopse 
Lyra Delos 'belly cover'
I use a little pri-stick here in the UK. It's for gluing paper to paper. A little trace on your finger and run along the belly of the cartridge. Loose strands get rebonded to the wishi paper. 
Phono for Ortofon A95
Speak to James at Whest audio. He used the A95 in the replay chain whilst designing his phono stages so great synergy here. 
Verity Parsifal Anniversary coming in 2 weeks
Looking at the pictures appears to have the Amadis tweeter and cabinet isolation system from Loghengrin. 
Whest Titan phonostage
Everything really. A bit of classical, jazz, female vocals, pop through to dub.I think it will compliment Naim very well, its fast and very transparent. 
Whest Titan phonostage
Yes I have had one through my system. Mind boggling dynamics and transparency. It does run hot so make sure there is space on top for good ventilation.Had to spend a lot more to get something better. Now using a top of the range Whest. 
Ortofon Cadenze versus Lyra Delos
The Lyra Delos has just been given an outstanding product rating in the latest UK HiFi News. 
Vinyl Heaven : Lyra Atlas on a Durand Talea 2
I would expect this combination to perform every bit as described. However, have you considered what the Durand Telos may bring to the party? 
Whest P.30R, P.30RDT and P.30RDT SE
I had many phono stages through my system.The search simply stopped once the .30RDT arrived. It has great sound staging, is silent and has a firm solid state signature to sounds rather than a warmer less focused valve one.ThanksCyclopse