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Whats playing on your system today?
Oh, and the new Tool on HD download.  Now, this recording IS compressed.  I wish there was a way to get ahold of remastered Tool albums. 
Whats playing on your system today?
The Flaming Lips / StarDeath / Henry Rollins / Peaches doing the entire "Dark Side of The Moon", twice in a row.    I can't say enough good things about this rough, raw but incredible recording.  At least its not compressed.  I may even see if it ... 
Matching Gear matter to you?
If you have OCD tendencies, my advice would be to chill out:  you are going to end up buying different gear in a year, anyway.  Not trying to offend you, it just seems to be how it works a lot of the time. 
Need Perfect Speakers for Acoustically Hostile Placement
I have a similar situation, and am having very good results with Proac Response D2, which are front-ported and a hair less than 17” tall.  I previously had difficulty using rear-ported Proacs and Dynaudios.   
Paypal error. Can't pay for the item I just purchased!
I recently had to cancel a Paypal transaction for an item that I bought, but was unable to complete the transaction.  Paypal removed the money from my account, but then forced the seller to "approve" the transaction, which he could not figure out ... 
Popular new/used SS stereo power amps under $2500?
+1 on Hegel, even as small as H90.  Avoid the older H80.You will probably be surprised and really pleased.   Then at some point you will think the grass is greener, and you should try some separates.  Fast forward to realizing most combinations so... 
Who and what are BEL/Bell Labs amplifiers
Dick Brown helped me repair my original MKII, over a couple of phone calls, way back when.  He said to pull out the soldering iron and not to be scared.   What a wonderful guy.    
Who and what are BEL/Bell Labs amplifiers
I sold a MKII in 2011. As far as possessions go, it was prized. Just hooked a MKV, which I feel lucky to have found. To paraphrase aahmed, I’m going to keep this one. Interestingly, this one has a silver faceplate. It appears to be stainless steel... 
A moderate priced dac
How about a used Bel Canto 2.5 DAC/pre?  If you keep your eyes open, can get for about $900. 
Bookshelf Bake Off
I'm going to second pani's post:I have a bookshelf speaker "problem", and similar musical taste.   I have owned a few brands (B&W, Dynaudio, Totem, Proac).   I use Proac Response D2 in my "main" system and D1 in my office system, and I couldn'...