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i thought this was fun:
That was great. I enjoyed it. 
Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
I got into the hobby when I was 17 years old and still living at home. Now I have four grandsons. Every time I come upstairs after being in my room for a few of hours, I tell my wife everyone ought to have one of these. I've had friends ask me why... 
Linear Power supplies for DACs...?
Anybody here using an Innuos Zen Mini mk3 with a LPS other then the one they sell?  
You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
A pair of Sonus Faber Sonnetto 5 
Spotify sound inprovement.
The Catalog, lalitk. Whats the point of having a hi rez streaming service if there's nothing you want to hear. I'm a jazz guy and tried Qobuz when it first came out. I couldn't find half the tunes I have on spotify. At last years Axpona they used ... 
Highly recommend Paragon Sight and Sound in Ann Arbor, MI
I took advantage of their used selection, and bought a great Modwright preamp a few years ago. I’ve taken friends there who’ve bought nice used gear. Not to mention listening to music on outstanding systems while they get your order together. No p... 
How important is a preamp for purely digital sources?
I agree with Hudo. I have a modwright swl 9.0 tube preamp and the improvement was stellar. Adding the Pontus dac a couple a years ago has made it hard to leave the house sometimes. If you do add a preamp, make it tubes. I have a solid state amp, a... 
Innuos Statement Review
astewart8944 , I can't wait to write about it. But I was at Axpona as well and spent a little time in the Innuos room. But since Qobuz was the service of the show, there were more then a few tunes I asked for that couldn't be found. I was lookin... 
Innuos Statement Review
This is a very helpful review. I've been in the market for an affordable server, and have read reviews on just about everything in my price range. Since I'm a music lover on a budget, I've ordered the Innuos Zen mini mk3. I was able to listen to t... 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Audioquest. So many choices, So many price ranges.  
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
I've had this discussion many times with my wife and friends. I have a flash drive with all my favorites. I want no sad songs. If there are lyrics to some of the tunes, please feel free to sing along. If my music makes you feel like playing air gu... 
Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
No, I made it clear what I wanted. We'll see f they come thru. 
Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
I have a pretty good store in my area and they handle Audioquest. I called to see if they had any demos setup for me to hear and they told me that Audioquest hadn't started shipping them yet. When I told him there are reviews online from guys that... 
Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
I'm in the market too. Looking at the Thunder or Tornado for my amp.Any info would be appreciated. 
Meats, I'm with you. When it's not stopping or locking up or having to put your audio info in every time you start it up, yeah it sounds great. But I'm a jazz guy and the stuff I'm looking for I search for. Sometimes it shows up sometimes it doesn...