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Streamer advice
+1 for Magna Mano mkIII  I don’t have a lot of experience with streamers so I don’t feel I can speak much about comparisons… but what I do know is that it sounds amazing and was pretty much plug-and-play.  
Viva Tubes
I literally just got a few tubes from Vivatubes last week. I'm really happy with them and was impressed with how quickly I got them  
Preamp with selectable outputs?
Why is this such a rare/non-existent feature? It seems like it would be useful… unless I’m just looking at it wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️  
100% USA designed & made DAC
+1 for Wyred 4 Sound. As was mentioned their DACs have received a lot of love over the years and have been on my list of DACs to try. Recently I was able to pick up a used DAC 2 DSDse for ~$900 and have been absolutely loving it. For another $1k ... 
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
As many have already mentioned, I think you need to consider his channel from the perspective of his target demographic... if you do, you'll be able to appreciate the value he brings to the hobby. I disagree with the suggestions that he should sp...