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Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
For audiophiles who have the same hobby, I'll tell them what it costs as they may be interested in buying that item for their system.  For others, I'll tell them to google it, don't want to shock them.....  
To preamp or not to preamp. That is the question.
A separate preamplifier is needed for sure.  Like another user already said, it is the heart of a system.  
Dust Settled Consensus- is the Benchmark AHB2 an Audiophile Amplifier?
@lalitk agreed, below Mid-fi, not an audiophile piece.  
Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps
McIntosh has an attractive meter display, holds its resale value, easy to sell if a user no longer wants them. In a world of high end audio, no one builds a hifi system around McIntosh.  
100% USA designed & made DAC
MSB Technology is another American company  
100% USA designed & made DAC
Downloads Versus Streaming
I downloaded a redbook CD and XRCD to the hard drive and they sound significanlty better (better imaging and details) than playing those same tracks from a CD player (Meitner MA-2, Audio Research CD9, McIntosh MCD1100).  Comparing between download... 
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
+1@jeffreyw Check out Aries Cerat    
Advice for Streaming Newbies - Best Bang for Our Bucks
@hickamore +1 Streamer is significantly important, the upstream of your system.  
Best Dedicated Streamer
If you want a streamer from a U.S. company, you may want to look at Laufer Teknik Memory Player.  I personally use one customized by the owner / engineers of the company, incredible streamer and very happy with the performance in my 2-channel syst... 
Warming up digital in my setup
You got what you paid for.  Need a separate DAC.  
The State of Streaming Audio
Streamer and DAC are the most important components when streaming.  
Newbie seller
That's why I rarely use USPS when shipping valuable item.  But if I do, I would use USPS priority.  Tracking seems to be unreliable when using USPS Parcel Select.  Just my experience.  
Is this a scam?
+1 @onhwy61, totally agreed.  Don't send your real money until he asks for it.