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6922 Tubes for Raysonic CD128
I prefer the Amperex.  My understanding is, and I very possibly have this reversed, the two inside tubes are for XLR outs and two outside for RCA outs. 
Herron VTPH-2A or Manley Chinook mk II phonostage
Tasty... I have the same Zephyr star cartridge. Did you get the Herron phono pre? Or what did you decide on? 
Higher End DACs
The best DAC I've heard at AXPONA, rivaling vinyl, are by MSB. 
The midi range, not the tweeter, is the most important driver in a speaker.
Wow! My speakers don't even have a midrange (driver). 
The nightmare of the cartridge buyer...
Simple. Support Soundsmith. USA made and sound superb. I recently purchased the Star II and it blows away the ZYX I have and cost almost half $.  
Firestone Audio Tobby vs Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 DAC
Thanks George! 
Cary SLI-80 compared to Ayon Spirit III
The Signature 
Replacing caps for Cary SLI-80 Signature
Thanks for the suggestions. Marc over at Cary has been very helpful in diagnosing the problem as well. He did say it was okay just to replace the one cap. So, for costs sake, I'll just replace the one, or maybe both, on that circuit. 
Subwoofer recommendations for mostly music
I'm not sure if this thread is still being used but I came across it because of having the same issue as Oakiris - knowing nothing about subs and not sure if mine is working properly. I've owned the Onix UFW-10 for awhile but only recently hooked ... 
Hagerman "Blue Cornet"
Thaluza - I'm using a Cary SLI-80 too. Sounds like you've since moved on from the Blue Cornet (and maybe the Cary, as well). Did you try any other phonostages that you like better with the SLI-80? And was the background noise more of "hisss" or mo... 
Demagnatize cartridge??
Ghostrider -I think I got mine from the same German dealer. Nice to deal with. The digital scale was the first I used with the DL304, so I had not played it before it "crashed".I'll check the pins again.Thanks! 
Demagnatize cartridge??
Ghostrider45, on a side note, did you have any difficulty mounting the DL304?The 304 is too light to mount without a headshell weight to my VPI JMW9 (even after I upgraded to the Signature Series). So I use the headshell weight, but THEN none of t... 
Demagnatize cartridge??
Thanks for your responses. Sounds like it was actually the cartridge magnets attracted to the gauge. I shure hope the cartridge isn't busted already :( The gauge is one I bought from an A'goner, but I don't think it's specifically for cartridges (...