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Top 5 Rock n Roll Vocalists
Ronnie James Dio is not mentioned? 
Review: Pass Labs Aleph 3 Amplifier
1. I guess it is the efficiency of the speakers which matters, not the physical size. I have no problem to drive bulky dunlavy with Aleph-3.2. it is probably the most economical & smart way to design a 200 watts class A amp that way for mass h... 
A 9 watts SET for the Maggies, Heavenly marriage
The reason why I mentioned XA is because Robert wants the sound of SET, XA is much better candidate than X-150.About the power, I'm not sure since my Dunlavy is more sensitive and XA-160 can do very good job. OTOH, XA sould be not be worse than th... 
A 9 watts SET for the Maggies, Heavenly marriage
try Pass Labs XA-series, you'll have the bass and the sweetness 
Pass Labs XA- ".5" ???
Jtwrace is a Clayton dealer 
Gainclone vs. Pure Class-A
I made a gainclone with premier parts such as blackgate caps 2 years ago, it sounds very good. However I still prefer class A Aleph, warmer, sweeter, more liquid, less ss taste. 
Speaker match with Pass Labs XA-160
Dunlavy SC-IV, both are known for the accuracy, i.e. hi-fidelity if you can handle the truth! 
Review: Pass Labs XA-100 monoblocks Amplifier
Teajay,I agree with you on the opinions of XA-100 but I drive a much easy load, Dunlavy SC-4. Just wonder have you ever tried driving maggie witn XA-100 only, no bi-amp ? The sensitivity is about 6dB difference. Thanks! 
Pass Labs x350.5 & Classe ca-m400 class a power?
Ghostrider,As I know, Pure Class A amps draw four-time their rated power from AC line constantly, while Aleph three-time.Aleph got my vote too ! 
bryston14b to krell 400
IF you consider giving Plinius 250 a try, you should give Pass Labs' amp a try, Alpeh,, X-.5 series or XA 
DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help
Mike, Yes! I'm talking about SC-IV. Somehow, IMO, later version of SC-IV is better than SC-IVA using scanspeak woofer.For tweeter of SC-IVSN 1-258:fabric dome tweeterSN 259-1134: silk dome tweeterSN 1135+: composite textile dome tweeter 
DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help
what is the sereis number for your SC-IV ? 
DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help
there are 3 differnt tweeter used in SC-IV depending on the series number ! 
Krell versus Pass
try the XA-series mentioned as new series by Nrchy such as XA-100, XA-160 or XA-200 if your speakers are easy to drive.Very sweet but clear treble, live human voive and accurate image. 
question to Plinius Amp owner
Thanks for the responses !Let me try summarizing and adding as follows:1. A well designed class AB is still not as good as a well designed class A, looks like the difference is not trivial2. the above might be applied to dynamic biased class A3. b...