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Chord Dave and lInear power supply
I re cently added the Sean Jacobs DC4 ARC6 to my DAVE (M Scaler has Teddy Pardo LPS).  Extraordinary impact on my system.  Very costly, to be sure.  But far and away the greatest impact of any change I’ve made to my system.      
Thinking Hybrid Integrated.
A counterpoint to my friend @astolfor based on my experience with the Pathos Heritage InPol Integrated.   My shipped unit also has a non-functioning VU meter.  A mechanical glitch which did not affect sound output.  My experience was that my deale... 
The review wehave been promising is up
I can’t understand why anyone would want all their music played a quarter-tone flat.    
Tannoy Canterbury GR vs GRF 90
I compared the GRFs to Wilsons on BAT system and then Canterburys with Kensingtons on Pathos InPol Heritage integrated.  I went with the Kensingtons and Pathos.  Somehow less moved by the GRFs.    
Power Conditioner question
I currently have a Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF. Wondering if a move to Transparent Reference Power Isolator would yield any benefit.     
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Tannoys Kensington GRs. Have Autograph Minis in my bedroom with NAIM UNITI ATOM.  Smitten with Minis. Currently running Rockport Atria ii’s in my main system but am curious about the larger Tannoys. They would be a very different sound signature f... 
Recommendations for speakers that sound great at lower volume levels.
@audioman58 Which Tannoys do you own. I am smitten by my new Autograph Minis at any volume level.  Very much want to demo Kensington GRs. (I’ve heard the GRF but have been told the Kensington’s are voiced closer the Minis than the GRF.   
Which Tannoy?
Great input.  Thanks all.  Still wavering after two visits to hear GRFs.   
Townshend Audio Podiums - current owners opinion on the merits of this product
@garebear I have Atria ii’s as well and am considering Seismic Podium.  Which size podium is correct for the Atria ii’s?  Any experience or comparison with Isoacoustic GAIA’s? 
Why Do Schumann Resonators Work?
Someone shout post this thread on a cable forum.  Heads will literally explode.   
Magico compared to Tannoy
@mglik Indeed, I am a Cantor.  I started my career in classical singing like you. Best of luck in your endeavors.    
Magico compared to Tannoy
@mheinze wins the prize for funniest snark.   Well done.   
Magico compared to Tannoy
@mglik Just the type of information I'm looking for, thank you.   I spent hours with that Magico A5 and Rockport Atria II's before choosing the Atrias.   They seems more cohesive without giving up any of the detail the Magicos are renowned for.   ... 
Magico compared to Tannoy
Full disclosure:I currently run Rockport Atria II's with D'Agostino Progression Integrated, Chord HMS and Dave.  I spent several hours listening to Magico A5 and Atria II's in the D'Agostino Progression.   Rockports seemes more involving: Magicos ... 
Magico compared to Tannoy
Or at least my new Automatic Minis do.  Curious about the upper end Prestige line.