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Used DACs in the 10k range
I want you to take the $80 challenge. If you buy it, you can always have it for a friend or a bathroom system. Topping D10. Impressive for small cheddar. 32k with opamps if you aren’t satisfied. The one included is well regarded. Zero snob appeal ... 
Pass Labs cooling noise
Ever heard a house heating duct clang and bang mid winter when it’s belting out hot air and cooling. No different. Refractory lined cool systems are coming. Then again Class D is an efficient bulldozer. I can only afford late 90’s tech but it’s a ... 
Best speakers for classic rock
Cerwin Vega lol. They are heretics to the snobby hifi world but my first love. I have Klipsch KLF and Classe amps. Harder to evolve my selection far from here though (unless otherwise educated). Curious about B&W 801, 802, and 808’s and some T... 
Hattor or Khozmo passive preamp is my next preamp. You can get a remote option as well. The shunt resistor Takings electronics out of the signal path is attractive to me.  
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
It’s trashed. Sell it all to me cheaply lol. It’s fine. Enjoy it.  
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
Buy a tube dac 
Will a subwoofer add depth and clarity to my system, or just bass?
Only way to know is to add a sub. I’ve always found it to be complimentary to any system as a sub can make movies really go wow! Not sure about room correction, I move the sub around and tune it constantly until I achieve what I need to integrate ... 
Quiet Enjoyment: right of audiophiles neighbors to NOT be annoyed
Just be respectful period. I would always make sure I spoke to my neighbors that yeah I like to listen to music sometimes. A few beers in on a work night and I might play music for an hour. Usually off before 7:00. I always try to be concious past... 
Tube amplifier suggestion for 101 dB speakers
Have you thought of a tube preamp or buffer before you give up the Classe amp? 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Classe SSP-25 $250-450 if you look or make an offer. Utilitarian in nature but solid 2 channel. Can find a programmable remote if need be. Cheap but been a favored purchase. Sorry, chump change budget dude. I find that I keep spending more though? 
Shipping speakers
Shipping services, had bad results with them all. USPS is the way I go now. Not a federally funded branch so all of those people that worked like lazy, ignorant bmv workers now hustle lol.  
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
I would rather carry a hard drive fullof hi res digital files than 800 lbs ofvinyl. DJ’ing all vinyl and moving it all around when you move gets old. Throw tubes into the fold if you seek that warmth vinyl gives.