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Air Tight ATC-5 preamp
I have a nearly new ATC 5 for sale here along with the matching ATM 2 Plus 70w/ch tube amp.  Very nice stuff...  Was a trade in for some Vitus gear. 
Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101
The best way to evaluate audio components is in your own listening room.  Try to find a dealer that will allow you to demo their equipment at your location,  I encourage our customers to demo the equipment we represent at their location when possi... 
What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
Thrax Enyo - I personally have not listened to it, but some friends of mine have listened to it and said it is wonderful.  Might be worth checking out. 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
Alsyvox Botticelli - best speaker I have ever heard..I’m in SoCal if you want to hear them.My previous speaker was the Rockport Altair II(I am a dealer for Alsyvox) 
Shipping companies
Thanks for the replies. 
Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018
We are a Vitus dealer located in S CA if anyone is interested in listening to the SIA-025 Integrated. 
Gryphon Vitus Gamut
We are getting in a SS-103 stereo amp, SP-103 Phono Stage and a SL-103 line stage.  I am anxious to hear how they sound.   
Sadly missed manufacturers
Sonic Frontiers, Apogee 
Mark Levinson 326s vs BAT Rex Series 1 preamps
We are located in Orange County CA.  Yes, they plan on keeping the REX product - its the best preamp I have ever heard. 
Mark Levinson 326s vs BAT Rex Series 1 preamps
The BAT Rex 2 with a nice solid state Amp is a great combo and would work well with Krell, Levinson, Vitus, ect..  We have a Rex 2 demo Pre for sale and some other BAT pieces if interested, send me a pm.  
BAT preamp: Rex to Rex-2 upgrade
I have owned both (we are a BAT dealer). The Rex II is definitely more Transparent sounding - that is the first thing I noticed, some people might describe it as being more dynamic, which is also true. I prefer the Rex II in that it is still very ... 
Rockport Avior or Magico S5
I listened to the Cygnus at CES, it was very nice. Philb - I think you made a good decision changing your order from Avior to Cygnus if you have room for them. When do you think you will get them? Post some pics of your room here or whatsbest foru...