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Digital Player Upgrade Options
Used Luxman D05 or D-05u. 
Luxman d-08u vs berkeley reference 2 dac
Have the Luxman D-06u and love it.  Perfect balance between detail, engagement and musicality. 
2 way, which are the best designs?
Joseph Audio Pulsars. 
Why all speakers are imperfect
Two comments.1) The OP clearly needs professional help. 2) Why does anyone bother to respond to the OP? If you do, you are what’s called an enabler and reinforce, in the OP’s mind, that he is a genius in his own mind. 
As with everything in audio, there is no best.  It's all subjective. 
Excellent sounding cd/sacd players on the used market.
Here’s what I’ve owned over the years. Cary Audio 306 CD / SACD or the Pro model. Loved it. Good drive, excellent dimensionality and speed, good mid bass / bass performance and a wonderful, well balanced top end. However, many reports of reliabili... 
Suitable external clock for Esoteric K-01 SACD/CD Player
There’s a very good thread on this topic on the "What’s Best Forum".With all due respect to the AG forums, the WBF forums have, IMHO, much more informed posters (with some AG poster exceptions) and generally concentrate on hi end or super hi end g... 
Incoming ... Joseph Audio Pulsars
Hi prof,Pulsars are better to my ear in speed, imaging and mid / lower bass definition. Caveat is the comparison is based on the MBL's in my previous house experience in a much smaller room versus the Pulsar with sub in my current house which has ... 
CD players = dead?
75% of music sold in Japan are on CD and are still popular in other Euro countries.  New CDP's are still being released.  The latest is from Gryphon.  Good news for me and others who still buy CD's.  The prices continue to fall and many companies ... 
Incoming ... Joseph Audio Pulsars
I’ll add my two cents. I have the Pulsar and a single REL T7i sub in a 25’ X 35’ room. This replaced the MBL 116’s. I was very surprised how close the current combo came sonically to the MBL’s in all areas and, in fact, bettered the MBL’s in some ... 
I Thought I Had My Speaker Choice Narrowed Down. Maybe Not?
Yes, you've been saying this numerous times but no one seems to be listening.  I think you are a "genius in your own mind".  Sounds a lot like 45. 
I Thought I Had My Speaker Choice Narrowed Down. Maybe Not?
No-one can tell you what speakers you will like in your room with your gear, your hearing and your biases. No-one. If possible, best option is to audition at home with a money back guarantee. And if you do this, make sure the speakers are fully br... 
Best speakers to replace Martin Logan CLS
vuongp,RE Pulsars. Suffice to say, it, along with the REL sub, is my last set of speakers. Amazing large sound in a very small physical passage.For background other components include: Pass Labs 250.5 amp, Conrad Johnson ET5 preamp, Luxman D-06u C... 
Best speakers to replace Martin Logan CLS
Over 25 some years, I had four ML models, including the CLS2A and the Summits and went with the MBL116’s. They do what ML does well and take it up a big notch.   Much fuller immersion and dimensionality.Ended up retiring / moving and wanted someth... 
advice on possible (REL?) sub for PSB Imagine B speakers
Please do.  Willing to share what I know and will help as best I can.Gordon