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Sonus Faber Olympica III, Olympica III Nova
I have the Nova 5 and I can tell you that the improvements over the Olympica older model makes the price difference worth it. The used market for Olympica is still substantial. If you can purchase the Nova 3 or 5 do it. I would also recommend gett... 
Best bourbon?
To have the label Bourbon must be made in the United States and produced from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn aged in new, charred oak barrels, with no more than 80% alcohol by volume. Corn gives Bourbon a sweet flavor. Bulliet Bourbon,... 
Pimping your router
Upgrade your cable to Cat-6. Cat6  cable TIA/EIA-568-B provides a significant improvement in performance over Cat5 and Cat 5e. You don't need a filter or foil-covered router. Update your router firmware regularly as well. 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Well I can tell you that the Node 2i has a good streaming interface,  but would recommend using an external DAC with ESS9038 chipset using a high quality digital coax cable.   
The guru on fuses:
Stop listening to these people who are negative about trying new things.   Try it for yourself then make your own judgment.    
How to go about collecting Classical Music
I would subscribe to  they have the best classical collection and wonderful search interface. 
The guru on fuses:
Again, Try it. These people who say it does not make a difference are not willing to experiment. If you spend $20+ on fuses and they don’t make a difference then at least you have good quality fuses, right? I was doubtful but willing to experiment... 
The guru on fuses:
I would like to recommend you purchase Littelfuse fuses, which cost $4-8 each,  before getting $100 fuses to try. Yes!  they make a difference if your system is transparent. Don’t listen to others who say it doesn’t make any difference. The same p... 
What is your favorite ''slow dance'' song of all time?
At Last -  Etta James  
Grounding with a Earth box?
Ok besides the off-color comments.... After further research,  we know that chassis ground (or electrical ground) is not the same ground that is provided by these "Passive" (wood box mineral) or "Active" (AC powered)  Nordost, Synergistic Research... 
Grounding with a Earth box?
invalid,  you stated "The grounding rod to you electric service is for lightening strikes, it has nothing to do with grounding your components."Perhaps you can elaborate on your comment?  As far as I know, the ground provides protection from high ... 
Streamer with R2R DAC
That is one of the main issues - there are so many streaming services but so few support Amazon and  Idagio.   I think the best option if your wanting to keep  Idagio is use a bluesound Node 2i for the streamer and interface to a DAC with a digi... 
Grounding with a Earth box?
This has been very interesting. So the wood boxes full of crystals and other minerals provide a ground. If you could help me understand it better I know that ground is usually referred to as negative in a circuit but as a zero-volt reference point... 
Grounding with a Earth box?
The box is from the same company that makes vibb eaters -  cant make this up ...or can I? 
Grounding with a Earth box?
I was thinking if this is true - then why not just add a new ground rod and bring it into the house (if possible) ?   A ground rod and wire would cost less than $50 vs a box of dirt and minerals.    Any thoughts?