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Upgrade capacitors in tube amplifier?
My advice is, if you’re going to change coupling caps, stick with the various film and foil types, rather than a metallized film. They’re generally more expensive (but not always, depending on mfgs), but are of better construction, especially in r... 
Fuses and confusion
Santsuru, in regards to #2, you should contact the manufacturer before opening the unit and changing any parts, including fuses. All manufacturers have guiding documents stating their warranty policy, but it’s always best to call/e-mail and ask fi... 
8 track tape vs 1st press vinyl
Experiences are powerful. It was ’78, and my buddy’s parents had just bought a new Monte Carlo. As it turns out, between my family’s Sony 8-track player for the home, and his family’s old "all in one" console with TT, the Monte Carlo had the best ... 
8 track tape vs 1st press vinyl
Not superior, GS, just different. There is some anomaly that is pleasing to you.The track breaks are burned into my memory forever. Whenever I hear one of those songs, my mind plays the fade-out, fade-in. 
New JBL Studio Monitors (4349) Coming in September
You guys are making me jealous. My 4pis are almost built up, though; that will give me a taste (the old 2226H below 1k). Also excited to hear Wayne's CD horn. 
I sold a CAL Aria Tube CD player and buyer claims a burning smell
If the drawer isn't opening/moving, it could be because of a faulty (cooked) motor driver IC (or a component in the PS). Maybe you didn't detect the smell at the time, being in a well ventilated space. Now the unit's packed in a box for several da... 
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
Sorry to hear about your troubles, David. From another cat lover, I feel your pain.To those who are offering advice/reasons for behavior, though well intentioned, you may want to ask David whether he would like/need the advice. I mention this beca... 
Warn Sound Capacitor
You might be chasing your tail a bit, trying to find a cap that will tame your tweeter. Something with a high ESR would work, but it would make more sense to just install an L-pad (in parallel to the tweeter, across the tweeter output of your filt... 
Warn Sound Capacitor
Audio4pass, what Values and quantities do you require, and what is your budget? 
Warn Sound Capacitor
I suggest the Miflex KPAL series. If those are a bit too spendy, I would suggest sticking with a film and foil type, and staying away from metallized polypropylenes. The construction is much better. 
Schiit Freya+ vs. high end (e.g., Mcintosh) ?
The current solid state version, the Freya S, measure very well. The first sample did have a channel imbalance, and it performed measurably worse that the other channel. A new sample was sent, and performed nicely. This does bring Schiit's level o...