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Anyone (everyone) care to throw a dart?
$100...for my wife.  I way way past diminished, and not quite the OP's age...  Whatever is fun! 
Help Me Choose or Confuse Me More
You are close enough to take advantage of studio monitors which are well suited to near field listening.  I have a powered set of Adam Audio A5x's on my desk.  My musician son has the prior version with the matching sub.  The A7 is a little larger... 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
Amplified live music is very colored in itself.  The 'sound guy' helps create the sound, and some equipment and people do a better job than others.  That being said, acoustic live, no amplification, is my gold standard.  From voice to violin! 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Welcome!   Your gear sounds familiar... I have, among other things, a:A Bluesound Node 2i,  A Bluesound Powernode 2i  A Bluesound Mini 2i  And a happy wife!Who doesn't mind my cave gear, ranging from vintage Marantz and IMF to modern Parasound and... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Streaming Tidal high resolution into Bluesound node 2i...  Listening to Linda Ronstadt Duets at the moment!   The available variety is awesome, fun to get a new take on something familiar! 
Killer used integrated for
'Killer' is a matter of perspective!For a good value in new, how about the Yamaha integrated amps in the price range? 
Tidal vs Quobuz
As much as we spend on gear, from speakers to cables, a few dollars for one service or the other, or both, really is in the noise level. (pun taken).  Enjoy them both! 
Late Night Jazz
Irish whiskey, neat...:) 
Does Age Matter?
60 something...and digital.  A mix of Tidal and CD's.Vinyl up until my 30's or so (that technology thing), but I still have our vinyl collection. 
Anyone ditch the sub after large speaker purchase?
I've never felt the need for a sub with my IMF TLS-80's, which I got in the ...80's..., and still have.  Anything newer seems to want a sub.  This seems very much correlated to cabinet size!  WAF and home theater seem to favor subs, and the low fr... 
Is Not Responding To An Offer Just Plain Rude?
As a buyer, I will almost always ask a question or two regarding a 'classified' style ad. This gets a conversation going, where I can get a feel for the seller.  Love the ads I reply to, and months later the item is still for sale.  Makes you wond... 
BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?
Your story is so much different than ours.We started with a Node 2i, hooked up to my (ahem) Marantz AV receiver. Control was great through my PC, my Android phone, and my wife's ipad. My wife, not as much of a techie, really liked it. Then we adde... 
Think fast: What would you take?
A friend here in north bay San Francisco lost his home a few years ago. He said he wished he'd taken Christmas ornaments with him.  I had original family artwork and heirlooms packed up, but we were fine.  So scary, so hard to figure things out on... 
Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend
Home Depot has butcher blocks at reasonable prices.  I did something similar for a garage workbench.  My wife thought it overkill, I thought it awesome.  And easy.  
Need helpful recommendations for next two purchases
I recently jumped into streaming with a Node 2i and a Tidal prescription. Got my wife on board when we figured out the Node can 'tune' (stream) local radio stations as well. The learning curve was pretty easy - I'm controlling with a computer, or ...