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Are Bowers and Wilkins speakers overpriced?
I owned a set of 804 Matrix for 20 years. I loved every minute of ownership.  
Room Treatment Question, lost the lowest bass notes.
Thanks for the reply's. I am not adding any subs. I got enough money spent on equipment, $45K.I could spend money on having the Wilson Tech come set speaker placement. I have my seating position at 16 ft away from the front now. I could move it ba... 
[help] I'm too Boomer to stream. :-(
Never too boomer to stream. I figured it out. You can too.  
Can you recommend a small (in size) Amplifier 150 -250 W Power per channel
Can you try Wired4sound. Class D amps.  I have one for a could of years. Very nice.  
I hate when this happens
My wife claims i am making myself deaf. 
Class D Technology
I am very happy with my Wyred4sound MarkII poweramp.I am driving Wilson Sophia speakers. 
Classic Over-reaction!
buy a used PS Audio power filter. I got mine used for $700Best money I ever spent. Cleaned all noise is gone. No hum. Dead silence when no signal is playing. 
Toroidal output transformer gasket material