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Are Ohm Walsh Speakers the Poor Man's MBLs?
Ohms and German Physiks are the same technology, driver wise, not MBLs. 
You can't have too many apostrophe's
I pretty much refuse to buy anything from an idiot who writes "the light's and meter's work". How can you NOT know the difference between possessives and plurals? Hey, even I can cut someone a little slack for it's and its, but NOT for simple plur... 
US only sales WHY???
You also forget that we USA audiophiles really don't need to reach a larger market. Honestly, with 300 million people in the USA, why do I need the hassle of customs and all that paperwork to expand that base? If I lived in Europe, then I would se... 
Wilson Audio paint problems
You do realize that warranty, by law, cannot be eliminated or reduced based upon whether or not you send a card in. Manufacturers' often tell you that so that you will send the registration card in, but they can't enforce it. A 2-year warranty is ... 
Subwoofer meshes well with 2-channel?
I use dual subs (Dynaudio 12 inch) to augment my Dynaudio Temptations. I don't high pass the signal going to the Temps. I just add some low end 'filler' with the subs. It provides a much more realistic sound to things like kick drums, for example.... 
How can you not have multichannel system
Because 99.5% (make that 100%) of all the music I own is 2-channel, hence getting a 5-channel set up is a big waste of money for me. I suppose if I had a big collection of properly (key word) recorded multi-channel stuff I might think twice about ... 
On or off question...
I have an original GFA555 right next to me here (listening to it right now in my home office). It's been ON for 20 years. Nuff' said. 
Anyone have problems w/McIntosh warranty
You can buy Mac gear from any dealer - local or not, it simply doesn't matter. What does matter, however, is that you must pick it up or the dealer must deliver it; no shipping as per the Mac warranty policy.Now, obviously, only you and the dealer... 
the Digital Millineum Copyright Act criminalizes
Doesn't DCMA allow the owner of the CD to make a back up copy for private use? 
Should an audio system be left on at all times?
12-02-08: KijankiBigbucks5: electronic fail when you turn it on when it's not designed properly. You can turn on and off electronics thousand times a second for years and nothing will happen. That's so much BS. I guarantee that ANY electronics wil... 
Should an audio system be left on at all times?
Electronics fails, most of the time, when you turn it on. Always leave your SS stuff on if you are concerned about longevity. 
Best DAC under $ 2,500 on used market
I also have an MCD751. I run it into an Esoteric D70 DAC. You might be able to find one in your price range. 
Life on Mars
Yup, I saw it. I was really surprised that they had that line about better sound from vinyl. You would never expect something like that in a TV show. 
How good a preamp is Esoteric D-70 DAC?
If you only have digital in, then it would seem that a top quality DAC with volume control is all you need (or want). How can a separate pre-amp and CD player be better? It is just more components in the chain. 
Dyns C4 owners: Question for you ?
My room: 15 x 18 x 9 sloping up to 18C4s sounded just fine, but I do have a larger volume than typical for this size room because of the sloping ceiling. My speakers were about 3 feet from the front wall and about 3 feet from the side walls.I now ...