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Where can one find the most titles of DSD downloads for purchase?
Www.nativedsd.comI don't think they have a US mirror so if you are in the states the downloads can sometimes be arduous.¬† 
Imaging and the first violin(s)
Yes I have, especially with piano in either an orchestral arrangement or jazz trio, where location seems to fade between a hard lock and floating. I've non-chalantly attributed this to either an outcome of the final mixdown (maybe the engineer is ... 
ethernet from a power outlet
I used this in two locations for a desk VoIP phone and experienced major timeouts. Definitely would not use this solution for extending audio streaming. 
Take up drums at age 56?
I played for more than 30 years, sometimes in a band, mostly for my own pleasure. Of course, unhesitatingly, if you want to play I encourage you to do so.My only advice is to consider an electronic kit, and for one reason only, you can manage the ... 
Why not use a non-contact stylus on a turntable?
Speaking of Edison, it would have at least been cool if the technology had retained the cylinder as the topology instead of a flat disk. Constant linear tracking velocity and no flipping. 
HP or Dell for computer listening ?
Regarding reliability alone, in the last decade as an IT exec I have sourced and supported probably around 5k laptops, all either Dell or HP.I give Dell the edge for reliability and serviceability, especially right out of the box. An unnatural num... 
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
We were also underwhelmed by the Vandersteens. Went back twice hoping it was just the track or where we were sitting.¬†Last year I believe there was a model 5A with an all Acoustic Research front end that we really enjoyed. This year's room was a l... 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
The first movement of John Rutter's Requiem, Introit amd Kyrie. 
Question for EBTG fans.....
I concur with gosta. Wouldn't characterize it as faint, I'd say it is intentionally added for effect. 
Magnepan and room size, room placement
Bill - I have the 1.7s in a room that is only slightly larger, about 12x14. Sounds like I might be near your neck of the woods. If you'd like to come hear them in my space message me and maybe we can work out a date/time.Brian 
Class D vs Class AB - Looking for best used budget amplifier for Magnepan MG12
I have the Magnepan 1.7s, currently driven by an HCA 1500a. I have directly compared the Parasound to a single Crown XL1500, two Crown XL1500s run in mono mode and a single Crown XLS2502. I also tried a B&K st50 just for giggles knowing it was... 
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
I DIY'd a very similar topology with air insulation a few years back when I was in my home brew cable phase. The build was straightforward; clear poly tubing plus acrylic spacers and some solid conductors. Probably <$100 all in for a set of 3m ... 
My first visit to AXPONA
Agree with the OP. Even allowing for the challenges of setup in such a venue, its apparent that system synergy and performance isn't a given above some price point.We didn't visit every room this year, but for me the highlight in the sub-mortgage ... 
Sophia Electric Baby Integrated Amplifier
Yep, drives my DIY zigmahornets with very satisfying results. I've found their staff to be very responsive and helpful as well.At normal listening levels it is dead quiet right at the speaker. For the going price of a used unit its almost a no bra... 
Greatest Rock Drummers
Bdp24 - I completely agree with you about Baker. Curious what your take is on Mitch Mitchell, to my ears his work with The Jimi Hendrix Experience has a similar 'problem' as you've described with Baker and Cream.