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Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Amy Lee from Evanescence and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. Sexy rockers. 
Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service
I’ll add CrobotBlacktop MojoFor rock fans.  
Best Buy Speakers at Best Buy under $1500pr
Thanks. Don't think they sell these JBL at Best Buy. I'm centered on Best Buy because I may be able to buy at a discount from there. 
Optimal connectivity for watching TV and 2 channel audio
Thanks all for the information. Just to clarify, running TV directly to dac to Integrated means no center channel unless I also use an AVR? Will it sound better, different, just as good using just left and right speakers with no center channel?It ... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
The Beatles - Let it Be... NakedAvenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways 
Yet another turntable recommendation question
Fluance RT82 head shell-height adjustable feet-belt drive-auto ... 
Best father daughter dance song for wedding? Not Butterfly Kisses...
Cheap Trick - “The Flame”, probably not that popular 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Deep Purple - Made in JapanAC/DC - High Voltage 
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
@almarg  "If the amp is powered up when that is done, as it was in this case, that could easily result in a brief transient being applied to the speakers corresponding to the amp’s maximum power capability, at an arbitrary combination of frequenci... 
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
Thanks for all the responses. It's interesting to hear everyone's take and different experiences and nice to hear that I'm not the only one who's made this mistake before.@almarg ... Holy sh**t... What a technical explanation of what happened. A l... 
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
Thank you all for the reassurance. Listening to Hell Freezes over - Eagles right now and sounds really good. Have to say, this hobby may not be life or death if you make a mistake but the serenity it can deliver is priceless. 
What's your go-to cheapie cartridge?
Denon DL-110 
What are you streaming tonight?
Chris Cornell - SongbookQobuz 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Bruce Springsteen - Born to RunDeep Purple - Perfect StrangersPink Floyd - DSOTMRadiohead - OK ComputerGood afternoon