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CD Transports
I ran several CD players with my direct stream audio Dac and they all sounded the same so I decided to just use a cheap Denon for now. I’ll upgrade to a McIntosh later just for looks  
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
 In the end my junior worked great on my office system with smaller speakers. I did an AB comparison with some other gear and realized that the direct stream had more depth and spatial sound. Both decks once burned in didn’t do so well on my main ... 
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
 I have both Ps audio direct stream Dac  Senior and Junior. In my opinion they’re both almost identical in sound. The problem here is it’s going to depend on your system. It all starts with the speakers then working your way back. If your speakers... 
Question About DACs
After spending close to $10 k on my system I still wasn’t happy with the sound. I took a chance and ordered a PS Audio direct stream Dac and like magic every thing and I mean everything I ran through it sounded nearly perfect. The Dac before that ... 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
When I got rid of my Preamp and dac and got a direct stream dac/ preamp from PS audio. It was like holy crap what the F just happened. How can one piece of equipment make such a difference?My B&W 802N speakers finally sounded perfect. Silky sm... 
YBA Signature 4 preamp
I just acquired a YBA signature 4 chassis setup but I’ve not had time to play with it much yet.  
805n B&W speakers. What to pair them best with?
@mckmxcv Silly as this sounds I want them on my desk on either side of my pc about 5ft apart. Yes I know that’s not ideal. However I tried them in my main system first with Bryston 7B st amps 600watts per block and my direct stream ps audio dac al... 
Hey RICH Audiophiles
Jtcf your post right after dobnbav almost killed me. Laughed for a solid two min.  
Some components too old now?
Of all the things mentioned I would say the DAC is the main piece I would upgrade and the CD player last. That or a an updated mid to high end CD player with a better built in DAC than something from 1990.