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Insanely Expensive....and Worth Every Penny
Of course Mrtennis, you are discounting the value of time and the enjoyment from the purchase until the release of the subsequent component. The question by it's nature is subjective as worth in its purest form is simply supply and demand. There i... 
The Cost of Cables
JD, excellent post. It's amazing how people don't factor in actual business costs (rent, etc.), ROI, marketing, salaries for employees, margins for dealers and distributors, etc., not to mention sales volume which has got to pretty insubstantial g... 
Integrated amp and CD player for the new B&W 805S?
The Ayre AX-7e and a used Wadia 830 CDP would fit the bill quite nicely. 
B & W 802 Nautilus and Monoblocks
Don't forget the Ayre MX-R monos. 
Wadia 581 vs 27ix and 270
A more interesting comparison pricewise would have been a Statement modded 861se 
Opinions on MIT wire for B & W 800D
Sorry, haven't had a chance to go through the regular Magnum line to compare, but according to MIT's own literature the only significant difference is "their ability to articulate effectively at lower and lower frequencies as you step up in the pr... 
Opinions on MIT wire for B & W 800D
I would make sure that he stocks MA in the first place. Then you should ask for a pair of Magnum M3, Shotgun MA and Magnum MA speaker cables and interconnects for loan to your system so you can make the informed call. 
Opinions on MIT wire for B & W 800D
I would suggest you go for something in the new MA series, but I would suggest stretching at the very least a little bit and going Shotgun MA biwires for the front three speakers and interconnects. Frankly, given the speakers, you really shouldn't... 
Will high price HDMI cable makes a difference?
I have to go with it makes a difference. There's plenty of people on AVS (the majority even) that will go on and on about how transports are all the same, cables sound the same, CD players sound the same, etc. In my experience, that's not even clo... 
Opinions on MIT wire for B & W 800D
What budget and what gear?