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Streamer choices and help
I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a used Aries.. I like the Aurender and the Lumin but neither have Wifi and I haven't a way to get ethernet cable to the location, and I'm not interested in some ethernet Wifi converter. So the Aries should ... 
2000-2500 USD budget for an integrated amplifier. Do amplifiers sound the same? :)
So the OP bought a Hegel.. not much reason now to offer opinions. 
Audioquest Niagara 7000 hum/buzz
I just read through most of this. And I don’t understand why you’d open up a $8000. power conditioner and fiddle around modding it? At the very least you’ve hurt it’s value and made it much less desirable on the used market. I honestly don’t blame... 
Dealers and exaggerated treble
And of course John Rutan at Audio Connection, best in North Jersey  
Dealers and exaggerated treble
I’m Lucky to have two good dealers near me. AudioLab in Fairless Hills, PA and The Art of Sound in Lambertville , NJ 
What the...have I just done ? Please explain...
I just re terminated my speaker cables with WBT-0610 cu. locking plugs. Will accept up 6 gauge. There are some similar types Furutech makes some nice ones too 
Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...
I got a pair of Dynaudio Special 40’s a couple of months ago. They really are special. Might want to get a listen to a pair. I’m driving them with a Naim SuperNait 2. I’m extremely happy 😊  
What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?
To the OP,  I would move up to Digit 75. To the several folks that say it’s only carrying ones and zeroes please cut open the cable and tell me if 1’s and 0’s fall out. Digital cable is carrying analog electrical pulses that represent digital. 
Most “disappeared” speakers.
Dynaudio, Proac, Harbeth. Setup and room are super important  
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Chord qutest 
Agon is now a retail outlet.
Only issue I have is that the Listing and selling prices have increased dramatically, in some case nearly double! What are seller fees? Seller fees are the various costs and charges incurred in listing an item on Audiogon. There are two types of f... 
Beware the audio guru
Wow. Last time I listened to music it was because I like music and it’s fun and nourishing of the soul. The pursuit of great or perfect sound, the hobby of playing with toys and don’t fool yourself expensive audio equipment are toys, for boys; is ... 
Bookshelf Speakers - $500-$900 range
Proac Studio 100, Kef R300 
So just to be clear, you sent some expensive stuff, to someone you didn't know without being paid for it first? And this makes it Thailands fault?  
I'm selling speakers for the first time and concerned about fraud
Didn't  Audiogon offer an escrow service at one time? In any case wire transfer is the best bet