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Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Pete, please post for us what you hear back.Regards & Thanks. 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Where is all this different information coming from?The Kinetic Systems website (which should be used as THE information to work with!?) states a MAXIMUM OF 200 POUNDS NET @ 80 PSI for the 20x24 units. Correct? 
Dedicated line
Steve, can you tell us/me a little bit about how you did the grounding? Is there a particular site for info on this?Thank you in advance. 
SS or Tube Amp for Sawdust Environment?
Won't something like a Bel Canto be OK/work? 
Upgrade Rel speakon cable
Cardas makes one as well. Pretty good & under your budget brand new. Do a Google search & you should find the details. 
Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K
Agree with Winoguy. The "trick" IMO is to have the CMB and the wood body cartridge. More musical than the "old Clearaudio house sound". Also, consider direct wired with no break from cartridge pins to phono stage.Good Luck. 
Do I need a record mat?
You MUST EXPERIMENT. With one of the large tables (thick Acrylic platter), a Herbie Mat with a Carbon Fibre mat on top and then another Herbie mat (that's 3 total!!!!!) made a hell of a difference. Adjust VTA as you add. I think you can try the He... 
Best, or ideal record clamp
Second, the TTWeights. Srwooten is absolutely correct. The above clamp replaced a much more expensive clamp in my system. 
mac min or pc
Once you have Mac, you never go back. Sorry. Seriously, similar to comparing a big box store "throw away" component to an "audiophile company" piece. More expensive up front, but much better quality & has value down the road. Good Luck. 
Playing Customs Games with Our Northern Neighbors
GENTLE men, duties (only) apply if it is a product manufactured outside the US & Canada (could be up to 7% or so). Many ask to reduce values due to the provincial & federal taxes (up to 14%). The other issue is that shipping by UPS/Fedex, ... 
Best Isolation HRS? SRA? Zoethecus? Symposium?
Hello all. I am taking precious time away from my wife's WONDERFUL relatives to read the posts. I love Guidocoronas.Chuckled is an understatement. Love the Kuzma Reference TT/ Airline Arm & also the Vibraplane, but I will only spend the huge d... 
Best Isolation HRS? SRA? Zoethecus? Symposium?
Sorry, I was distracted & hit the submit button. Insurance guys cannot do more than one thing at a time. The best as always is to see & try if possible. It is unfortunate that some play games & discourage others. I have seen it many ti... 
Best Isolation HRS? SRA? Zoethecus? Symposium?
Hello all. Having horsed around with our hobby for 25+ years now, I have a little bit of experience. I have first hand experience with a few of the products mentioned here. It comes down to individual taste, budget, specific components....... The ... 
Sota Millenia vs Kuzma Stabi reference vs VPI HRX
Audioblazer, I must say, I was shocked at how easy this arm to set up, and how quiet the Sil-Air compressor is. The hissing you mention is faint & I have only heard it twice in last few weeks. Kuzma includes about 30 metres of tubing, so you c... 
Sota Millenia vs Kuzma Stabi reference vs VPI HRX
I have owned the Verdier & I have heard THE ("prototype")HRX mentioned above. Purchased the Kuzma Reference with Airline arm. Try to hear one before a final decision.Regards.